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    Can’t even run a coach when we are top of the league near end of season

    This club really doesn’t deserve promotion!



    Yes they do BF. This league is full of southern based teams on the sh*8e end of nowhere and it’s so expensive!!

    The remainder of the season is long trips to the a%se end of nowhere and it’s so hard for your average Joe fan. Could the SST or other sources fund some subsidised coaches tom ensure decent support and a good vocal following to cheer the lads on?

    Kindest regards

    PB 🙂



    Yours truly is more than happy to be a part of the car sharing initiative.

    COYB 🙂

    Kindest regards

    PB 🙂



    Sst could do a lot of things – but they don’t….



    I don’t see why the SST should subsidise coach trips, unless they are also planning to subsidise petrol costs for those travelling by car or guarantee a place on a coach for anyone who wants to make the journey.



    @martymacc94 – if you don’t like what they do, instead of complaining get a bunch of people who agree with you that “they could do it better” and launch a Coup at the next AGM.

    Get yourself and your mates elected to all the key positions and then see how much “you can do” when faced with the reality of having to choose between loads of worthwhile things whilst also:

    1. Having a fan based that couldn’t care less if the SST was there or not
    2. Certainly doesn’t want to give them any money
    3. Or time
    4. Will always think the thing they want is more important than anyone else’s pet project

    Do I think the SST is perfect, far from it. Would I want to do it? No way. Could anyone do any better – probably not unless some of the four things above are solved.

    Unless you are trying to solve the problem stop p155ing on the people who are actually trying to do something



    Point one you raise – having a fan base that couldn’t care less whether the SST was there or not.

    I agree. Shame that everyone seems to be happy with that situation



    We’ve got 6 long away trips in the next 5 weeks so understandable fans are going to pick and choose.
    Also given that some have been stung by trains for Boreham Wood and the whole Maidstone fiasco.
    About the only thing Dover has going for it is its on a Saturday!


    What a poor thread

    Spot on, oilboil.


    upton blue

    I would love to go to Dover on Saturday but I simply can’t afford it.

    I will be listening on mixlr kicking every ball but finances prevent me from going as I suspect they do many others


    3 Stripe

    bf1977 just concentrate on putting your energy and enthusiasm into supporting the team yeah ? , I live in Glasgow get down for a few home games and the odd away , are you telling me the team I’ve supported for 35 years doesn’t deserve promotion ???????



    A lot of ‘old school’ fans will remember the ‘golden era’ of away travel, when any and every Silkmen away fixture, pretty much from Lands End to the Scottish Borders, was guaranteed to be serviced by Bostocks, and for a reasonable price.

    Sadly, those days are long gone now.

    They say the world is shrinking, but the price of travelling certainly isn’t.

    I can only applaud our fans who get to away games however, and whenever they can. 👏



    It’s hardly the team or the clubs fault most of it is down to the weather (Borehamwood) and the lash up that was Maidstone.

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