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    I see a number of clubs have announced their tickets sales so far recently. Does anybody have an idea of how may we have sold so far for next season?



    I know a number of NL clubs are coming up with ‘bargain basement’ offers to get more fans in. It would be interesting to learn how sales were going at other L2 clubs. I would have thought that conditions were pretty much as good as they could get for sales here, i.e. on the back of a title winning season, and effectively offering L2 football for NL prices, but I’m not holding my breath for an announcement from the OS.



    If the club wanted to do an extra “push”, they could include free attendance to the Checkatrade Trophy home matches for people who get season tickets before, say, end May. Hardly going to break the bank and maybe just the push needed to grab some extra sales while the euphoria of last season is still fresh in everyone’s mind.



    I can see the argument for this CB but one possible draw back is if the net gate receipts are split between the two clubsbies., as I can’t see any opponant agreeing to us giving freebies as I don’t imagine we would if the roles were teversed.



    Good thinking saltpie. Hadn’t taken that into account.



    The problem is they don’t really offer enough of a discount over just paying for matches on the day, you only need to miss a couple due to illness, work, holidays or whatever and then a season ticket is more expensive than just buying them.

    I’m not saying the answer is to make them cheaper maybe it’s to make match day singles more expensive or maybe to offer a 10 match pack where you pay for ten up front (maybe for the equivalent of 8/9 tickets and you choose which 10 you go to – possibly excluding the last 4 matches or something so that if it’s a good run the club can sell more)

    I realise if you get student or OAP discounts the season tickets are great value but for those over 25 but younger than 65 they don’t really offer enough incentive over just paying when you go


    I disagree. My ST will work out at about £10 a ticket as apposed to £15 a match on match day. Over the season it equates to about £100 discount. And I don’t think I even bought my ticket at the cheapest early bird rate. So I would need to miss about 6 matches to negate this saving and if I did have to miss a home match (God forbid!) I would just give me ST to a non-season ticket holding friend.

    Not to mention the hassle it saves in queuing up at the ticket windows.

    It’s all subjective I guess because whats expensive to one person is cheap to another.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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