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    The latest to fall victim to whatever the club are doing as he has apparently now gone too.

    I think that serious questions need to be asked of our owner and chairman before it’s too late!



    Hadn’t he been gone for a while?



    nothing announced though?

    You may be right



    Shame if Rob has gone – always found him a really genuine down to earth guy



    Rob is an incredibly nice guy and his missus Denise is absolutely lovely as well.

    Rob deserves to be found a role at this club that acknowledges his warmth and genuineness and IMHO Macclesfield Town should be nurturing such people because their natural people skills will produce rich rewards because of the relationships and feelgood factor that they bring to people who engage with the club!!

    If I was to be ultra critical he could come across as perhaps a little too laid back but his positives way outweigh the negatives and I urge MTFC to find him a front of house role at our beloved club because of the potential rewards that this would bring!!

    Kindest regards

    PB 🙂



    What is going on there surely we need to strengthen not weaken the backroom.



    When you don’t pay the wages on time you lose staff. Simples.



    There is plenty of time at present for the club to align its ducks and get the personnel (on and off the field) and the ethos in place for a successful L2 season.

    Will it happen? Your guess is as good as mine, but I do find it difficult to accept ATM that everyone is pulling in the same direction and is solely focused on the interests of MTFC.

    A ‘mission statement’ for next season would probably be good.



    As a supporter who hasn’t lived in the Macclesfield area for many years now I have had occasion to write to Rob a couple of times and found him helpful, interested and even friendly in his replies. He even offered to buy me a drink when I visited the Moss which wouldn’t happen at any other club! so very sorry if he goes.



    Seemed a pretty sound bloke when I chatted to him in the McIlroy after a couple of games last season. No surprise then that they appear to be getting rid of the decent ones!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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