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    3 Stripe

    As a Macc fan of 35 years I’m sick of this back room bitching , just be transparent to the playing fans , and we don’t need any red wine soft soaping to keep us quiet



    Everyone can bitch as much as they want to if it delivers results like this season!



    Looking for an uplifting moment on a quiet Sunday morning, I came on the fans forum of newly promoted, super enthusiastic, optimistic Silkmen and what do I get, depression!

    How can the euphoria disappear so quickly? The retained list looks good to me but only if those “to be offered a contract” actually sign one. I can’t see the Whitehead situation applying to anyone else?
    Goalkeeper is a strange one and presumably the manager has his eye on somebody else.

    The core of this team should still be in place and with one or two more to strengthen we can afford a little optimism.



    I think Rudyard Kipling had a pretty good take on triumph and disaster!

    It’s been a magnificent season, and I am quite happy to retain optimism unless and until events prove it misplaced. How many of the ‘offered’ will re-sign? If they don’t, what sort of quality can we replace them with? It’s the only indication we will have of what our competitiveness in L2 may be next season.

    We (fans) can’t affect the outcome. We have to wait and see, and hope for the best.



    I have it on good authority that one of our senior players new contract offer was laughable.



    Me too Skolender, all the players offers are laughable.



    If they don’t want to play for us they don’t have there will be plenty of good NL and L2 / L1 players out of contract and desperate for a club so no need to offer silly money just for sentimental reasons



    Our lads certainly deserve a pay rise given their heroic efforts last term. What I heard today does not bode well regarding squad retention never mind encouraging new players to sign for us. Once again the silence is deafening from the top table.



    Skolender, “silence is deafening from the top table”
    We really shouldn’t be too worried about that, the club is right at the beginning of negotiations and a good negotiator does not give his hand away to the public at the outset, also you would expect the players to say their offers are “laughable”, they have just won the league and think they deserve more but the club cannot afford to do a Salford, we would simply go bust.
    We need to be patient, stay positive and hope they can compromise for the good of everyone.
    I think we will do more than just survive in EFL2 if we can retain the spine of the team.



    The key factor will be if we can offer enough to keep ‘the spine’ together. It is surely going to be easier to mount an effective L2 campaign next season if we don’t have to start again from scratch with a completely new squad, although if anyone can do it, JA can.

    I don’t know if the offers made to the retained are seriously competitive for L2, and, no doubt, players will have agents whispering in their ear saying, ‘we can do better than that’.

    The fans have backed their team magnificently this season, both financially and vocally, and have been rewarded with a superb champions performance, but, at the end of the day, we don’t run the team, we just support it. We can’t really do any more now. We just have to wait and hope for the best.



    Actually this kind of stand off could be just what is needed to provide results on the pitch!

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