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    Dan Ackerley

    Great to hear that Nick & Tom are now representing some of the former players including Danny Whit. I’m sure they’ll look after their clients in a thorough & professional manner building on previous relationships with Mark Blower to hopefully secure a welcome back to The Moss Rose!



    Football agents usually enjoy a reputation rated somewhere between estate agents, used car salesmen and vampire bats!
    I would be more than happy to see that perception changed. 🙂



    This is becoming a farce !
    “Former” players ??? – what do you mean ?
    Sponsors now becoming “Agents” ????
    Is it really appropriate for sponsors to act on the behalf of players ? They have a duty of care to do the best for the people represent – doesn’t that include getting them the best possible contract even if it’s at another club ?? Or is it just getting the best deal at Macc ? Will they increase their financial support in line with the deal for they players they negotiate ?
    Conflict of interest springs to mind.



    PMSL. All this fan boy stuff has gone to their heads.


    3 Stripe

    Farcical! Amazing what rocking up at a few away games in a successful season can get you



    We get some good news re players signing and still some moan and complain about things.
    I ‘ve not seen anything official about Messrs Bianchi and Kirk acting for players ( they are all former players until they re-sign), but think it is good .
    Normally agents act in their own and the players interest with no thought for the club, if these two people are involved in that capacity I can see the benefits for the club.
    What would you rather have , some one who cares about the club doing the role or someone who couldn’t give two hoots. I know which I would.



    I can just see them rocking up at another club to ‘negotiate’. Who are yer?????



    If they are so committed why not put their money (and they have lots) and buy AA out and then run the club they way they want to ?



    Take what this guy says with a pinch of salt doesn’t like Blower and is just stirring. Embarrassing



    Where were they when the club was in dire straits? Easy to piggy back on success with a few high profile away days for the players. Say what you want about AA but he could have thrown the towel in 4 years ago. Would the ‘commercial family’ have had the bottle to pick up the reigns? Somehow doubt it.



    Well this is absolutely farcical, straight off being awarded the dubious honour of being a legend at out club Nick B decides he can also be a football agent.

    Stick to selling furniture and let the professionals do there jobs….

    As said above, if you really want to help buy the club, between the pair of you you could do it, but you won’t it gets much better press to just throw around a little bit of confetti to make the current owner look bad, but there is no way either of them would invest (and lose) anything like AA has in Macc



    If they can be as successful as being agents as they are in their businesses they will be doing pretty darned well 🙂

    IMHO they are top blokes and their continued support for the club in whatever guise it is would be always appreciated by yours truly 🙂

    Kindest regards

    PB 🙂


    Dan Ackerley

    Great shout PB. I personally thought it was a positive move for Danny Whit et al to have good personal representation. Nick B has a proven track record in this field & with Tom they have the trust & respect of those that they deal with. Quite sad to read some of the bitter comments above yours



    Oilboil & maccymacc come across as rather sad bitter and jealous LITTLE individuals, and I wonder if they are one of the lackeys of Alkadhi or even Alkadhi himself!!

    Don’t know these blokes Nick & Tom personally, but from what I have heard they are pretty decent blokes and I have much sooner have them around the club than Alkadhi and his lackeys!



    It’s not about the personalities – I dont personally know either individual – but I just dont understand how this can be an appropriate relationship between a sponsor of a club and its players.
    But then is it really true ???
    Unless some can co Firm this it migh be just mischief making – and w have plenty of this !

    I have to say if I was in the “boots” of any of the players I would get myself an experienced agent with a good track record in representing other players and not some amateur (or are they charging a fee ????)
    They might be good at selling furniture or screws and things but …..



    And before anyone suggests it I am not one of AA’s “lackeys”
    I do believe in better the devil you know and where were NB and TK when it really mattered ???
    Like it or not – AA had put his money into MTFC and it has produced results – without him we would have faced relegation and not promotion.



    Okay Tythy fan so you’re not an Alkadhi lackey but why the snide comments about people’s particular businesses? I believe that you can apply the principles of being successful in whatever role you undertake, and I really hope that these two blokes do achieve success as agents. Danny Whitaker thinks so and he doesn’t come across as anybody’s fool to me.



    You put the post to try wind people up.
    Stop trying to stay relevant. Haven’t you got a job to be doing at that small club in Stockport?


    Dan Ackerley

    Very brave SilkLoyal to make this personal whilst you hide behind your Pseudonym



    Personal? I’m just stating facts pal 👍🏻



    Surely our players don’t need agents. I wouldn’t celebrate any of them signing up with one whoever they were. Beyond a weekly wage there can’t be much to agree at this level.



    I do find the negativity of some on this forum depressing.
    What has actually happened? We have had one piece of bad news, Danny Whitehead, and three pieces of good news, the three who have signed.
    It would be nice if they could get SJA signed up long term but these things take time and are complicated by the fact that there could well be plenty of other clubs who would love to poach him.
    If Bianchi and Kirk are representing some of the players that we want to resign, that is surely a positive because they have the Best interests of the club at heart.
    Unless and until Macc find a sugar daddy who wants to throw millions at the club these issues will be difficult to resolve as budgets are so tight.
    What’s the average home gate going to be next year? About 2,000. ?



    Agents aren’t in it for the good of their health. They will want their 10%, or whatever, which, in the final analysis, is an additional expense for the clubs.

    Equally, you might argue, that in days of yore, the majority of players, who were less than world class, were pretty much at the mercy of clubs giving them poor deals, and that representation by agents redressed the balance a little.

    Must admit, when I saw the thread title, I thought we’d been assigned a personal protection squad from the FBI.



    Amazing thread on so little information.



    I agree @malc

    Definitely some users close to the chairman and owner…. mentioning no names, But all jump on to forum at the same time to throw in some insults!

    Their comments just ooze jealousy and bitterness.

    Their comments become personal and defensive, like a child in the playground, their points have no case for argument and just Nasty jibes

    I can understand some questions around NB and TK as player representatives if you don’t know them, But I understand NB has done this many years before getting involved with Macc and TK is a successful businessman in his own right. Two Individuals looking to do right by the players they have built a strong bond with over the past years!

    Do you really think these successful business men are doing it for the Money? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    I would argue all players need a representative, will a club always to best by a player…..

    Did our players have a promotion bonus in their contracts?

    Goal bonuses?

    Are our players on 52 week contracts?

    I think we need to hear from the lads who have agreed new contracts? Evans, Blissett, Marsh! Have they even signed?????

    Is the gaffer staying?????

    Who’s the new kit sponsors??? (front,back,Shorts)

    Had my morning Rant…

    Have a great day all

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