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    Kevin Rickman

    1st April 2019

    Amar Alkhadi/Mark Blower/ Accounts Department
    ℅ Macclesfield Town Football Club
    Moss Rose Stadium
    London Road
    SK11 7SP

    1st April 2019

    Dear Amar,

    First of all I would like to place on record that you contacted me by text on Friday 29th March 2019 to request that I contact you but I was unable to speak with you at that time due to sorting out with issues with my mother who had recently been discharged from hospital. I then tried to contact you by telephone several hours later and left a voicemail message but to the time of this email I have not had any further contact with you, and request that you acknowledge and respond to the following.

    Following the letter on behalf the Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) dated 25/03/19 at 9.10am you responded on the 25/03/19 at 10. 32am to say that you would provide a detailed formal response within several days but this has sadly not been forthcoming to the time of this email.

    The board of the SST were also very distressed regarding emerging news that players and staff have NOT been paid on time once again. As a consequence, we the SST have been inundated with messages from Silkmen fans wishing to relay to us (as official fans representatives) their outrage at the lack of response not only regarding the decision to close London Road but reports from the BBC that players and staff have not been paid on time again this month.

    As a consequence I write to you on behalf of the SST board, to seek urgent clarification not only with regard to a contemporary update regarding the situation that occurred within the London Road side of the Moss Rose stadium, but also as to why the fantastic playing and non playing staff of our beloved club appear to be treated with utter contempt at a time when everything should be done to maximise their input towards preserving our precious football league status.

    The board of the SST are NOT willing / prepared to just sit back and allow this to happen. If a satisfactory response is not received by 5pm on Monday 1st April 2019, the SST board will undertake serious consideration as to not only initiating a request for ALL volunteers to withhold the labour that they currently freely provide to the club, but withdrawal of all monetary support from the SST and Super Silk Lotto to the club until a prompt and successful resolution of these issues.

    Andy Worth

    Chairman of the Silkmen Supporters Trust

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