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The idea to produce this site was developed by Bob Trafford in the wake of The Silkmen’s FA Trophy Final defeat at Wembley in May 2017. Bob wanted to create a site which not only provided a point of reference, documenting the latest goings on at the club, but also one which would pay tribute to our illustrious history and the people who helped create it.

ME - Macc Fans

Our spiritual home – the Star Lane End (Pic courtesy of Macclesfield Express)


One of the main issues Bob had in setting up this site centred around the use of photographs and images. As such, we am indebted to the following people for their support and generosity in relation to many of the images which you see here; Richard Partington (Macclesfield Express), Colin Peake (The National League), Geoff Knights (Silkmen Archives), Rob Heys, Chelsie Wilson, David Tolliday and Peter Hilton Photography.

Thanks also go to Stuart Court (www.tothe92.co.uk) for use of his banner image which you see at the bottom of this page, as well as others.

Many thanks also go to Gary Ashworth (Blue Zebra Creative), Alex Flack, Peter Lynch and Dave Graves for helping to set up the site.

Bob would also like to extend his special thanks to Dianne Shannon, Victoria Morley, Chris Hulme, Kate Shelmerdine, Andy Worth, Sean Worth and of course the legend that is Jim Goodwin – without whom non of this would have been possible.

Finally, thank you to Macclesfield Town fans past and present for giving me so many fantastic memories over the years – I hope that this site can do them some degree of justice!


Sean Worth, Andy Worth, Matthew Todd and Dean Holmes (Current editors / administrators).





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