All Together Now!

I simply cannot remember how many times there has been a look of sheer amazement when people have asked me who I support and I have responded by telling me that it is my beloved Silkmen, and that I have no interest at all whatsoever in Citeeh United, Liverpool Stoke or any of the other big clubs that surround our small and attractive  market town on the eastern side of Cheshire.

 Last season was the ultimate fairy tale experience as we achieved promotion to the elite 92 clubs of the English Football League once again on a budget that would have most likely embarrassed clubs in the lower echelons of the Conference North. This season has provided so many twists and turns on and off the field, that yours truly has become utterly bemused as to what the future holds for a football club that has historically demonstrated an ‘against all odds’ mentality where miracles can  and do happen!  Only a few short months ago, the Silkmen seemed destined for a ignominious return to the relative obscurity of the fifth tier of English football. An acutely embarrassing haul of 7 points from 17 games was indicative that such a return would be the  understandable acknowledgement that this would be the case. As we stand in the early hours on Friday 19th April 2019 we are currently on 39  points; two points head of the two teams blow us in Notts County and Yeovil Town!

Whatever diverse opinions that Silkmen supporters have regarding the off field issues which have impacted upon the club in the past weeks and months and will continue to do so; there is something that requires a universal approach for everyone who has any affiliation for our beloved club. THIS IS  OUR TOWN, OUR CLUB AND FOR THE NEXT FOUR CUP FINALS WHEN THE LADS ARE ON THAT FIELD OF PLAY, WE SIMPLY HAVE TO GIVE THEM OUR UNEQUIVOCAL AND FERVENT SUPPORT TO HELP GIVE US THE BEST POSSIBLE CHANCE OF SECURING OUR PRECIOUS STATUS AS ONE OF THE ELITE 92 CLUBS IN ENGLISH FOOTBALL!




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