SST Letter to the Club regarding the events on Saturday

Amar Alkhadi/Mark Blower/ Kevin Green
℅ Macclesfield Town Football Club
Moss Rose Stadium
London Road
SK11 7SP

25th March 2019

Dear Kevin, Mark & Amar.

The Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) has five key objectives, and within these objectives it involves working with the club to improve the matchday experience; providing a channel of communication between the fans and the club, and identifying supporters issues, assess them and where possible try to resolve them with the club.

I write to you o n behalf of the board of the SST to place on record our anger and distress with regards to the events that occurred during Macclesfield Town’s home game against Stevenage on Saturday 23rd March 2019 where many longstanding fans were removed from their usual place in front of the old main stand on London Road. This was nothing short of scandalous and subsequently made the matchday experience of a significant number of our supporters anything but enjoyable.

There was NO communication about this matter with key members of the matchday team including Robert Stirling & Dean Holmes from Butch’s Bar or myself in the role of Public Announcer. There was no information for me to be able to provide those from the London Road side of the ground with any information about what was going on.

Many fans were left queuing to get in until well into the first half of the game and fans were displaced from friends and family in both the old main stand and on the terraces. Butch’s Bar (which provides a significant income into the club coffers on matchdays) witnessed a significant dip in its matchday income and then at half-time many of the regulars from Star Lane End who regularly go for a half-time drink in Butch’s Bar were denied access by the plethora of stewards within the ground; again with NO rationale as to why this was the case.

We believe that the Silkmen fans who were so adversely affected by the events of 23rd March 2019 showed remarkable restraint despite what we believe to be intense provocation, and the official statement that came out following the game provided a some what confusing and ill conceived rationale for such action, as the very statement itself acknowledged that this section of the crowd houses a number of our most passionate, loyal and dedicated supporters. At a time when the club needs to look to forge an “against all odds” mentality with its small but fantastic fan-base; it scores a massive ‘own goal’ by effectively alienating a large section of them with the completely over the top approach that was taken.

We therefore urge that immediate steps are taken to reverse what we believe to be a draconian and unfair action in London Road; offer an apology for the way in which this action was delivered, and ensure that for the rest of the season the section of the London Road that was closed is reopened for the remainder of our home games as we embark on the last leg of our survival fight to remain in the English Football League.

We also request an urgent fans forum BEFORE the end of this season with you all to allow supporters to air their issues of concern to you.

I look forward to your prompt and reasonable response.

Andy Worth

Chairperson of the Silkmen Supporters Trust


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