A polite reminder!

Please believe us when we say that acting as a moderators for this site really is a thankless task because you really feel are damned if you do and damned if you don’t, and sometimes you will look back in retrospect (as we have done over the weekend) and you wonder if you have done the right things for the wrong reasons and vice versa! That’s life, and ultimately reflection is a very helpful thing to do because you will learn from any mistakes (however unintended) that you have made!

We really do want this site to be something can be enjoyed by all users which represents a wide diversity of the Silkmen fan base. Everyone has different views and after Saturday’s dismal performance despite fantastic support, emotions are running high, and people can become very fractious. May we once again respectfully request that people refrain from personal attacks on other members of the forum, use of bad language, homophobic, xenophobic and libellous comments.

Many thanks for reading this and let’s hope by a week on Saturday we are feeling very differently after securing the wins that we need to catapult us up the table.

Kindest regards

The SLE Admin Team


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