Let’s do it for Etch: An update!

Less than two weeks an article was published that encouraged people to donate towards a very worthwhile cause in supporting former loyal servant of the club, and all round nice guy Paul Etchells aka ‘Etch’ and his family to raise money on behalf of Clare Etchells who has several chronic and debilitating conditions that have massively impacted upon her mobility, and provided significant stressors to the Etchells family in meeting the care needs of Clare due to the significant lack of resources available to them. The family had set a target of 1,000 pounds to help towards a garage conversion (including a wet room electronic hoist) that would make such a huge difference to Clare and her caring family. A ‘Gofundme’ campaign had been launched several months ago by the family with the strap-line ‘turn her frown upside down’ and as little as a month ago eighty pounds had been raised for this very worthwhile cause!

The Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) took on the challenge of coordinating the bucket collection for the game against Port Vale on the 22nd December 2018, and first of all, I would like to offer a huge vote of thanks to Andy (Mellor), Julian (Bramhall), Helen (Davidson) and Steve (Mundy) for their dedicated efforts on that day. I am delighted to be able to say that following a count by Sean and I (which needs to be confirmed) we are confident that the fantastic sum of over 700 pounds was raised on the day. All I can say to all those who donated is a MASSIVE THANK YOU ONE AND ALL for your incredible generosity on the day which is even more amazing when considering that it was only three days before Christmas, and we all know how expensive this time of the year is don’t we? In addition, the increased awareness raised through an article on Star Lane End, Wraggs to Riches and the SST website helped to facilitate an increase in donations to the  Gofundme’  account to 300 pounds. As a consequence it has now been possible to achieve the 1,000 pounds target set by the family which is just so wonderful to be able to inform my fellow Silkmen brethren.

The next step is to ensure that the Etchells family get the money as soon as possible, and following discussion with my fellow SST board members we will be able to keep the money raised safely within the SST account until we can hand it over to the family so that they can then maximise the financial benefits to improve the quality of life of the Etchells family. There are plans to invite Etch and his family to a forthcoming game as guests of the SST, so that we can then introduce them to the fabulous Silkmen fans whose contribution will make such a massive difference to their lives. Thanks so much once again and I am Silkmen till I die! 






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