A View From The West: Notts County (A)

Ryan Cawley returns to give us his ratings following the Silkmen’s cracking Boxing Day down at Meadow Lane:

O’Hara – 7 – Brave on a couple of occasions. Wasn’t really tested other than part of a defence that stood firm when under the cosh for 20 or so second half minutes.

Pearson – 7.5 – Bellowing runs down the flank and long throw causing problems.

Kellegher – 7.5 – Looks a changed man next to Nathan C.

Cameron – 8 – Pity the fool that tries to get past him. Sign him up quick!

Fitz – 7.5 Captain David solid again. Rumours continue about a pending transfer away. Needs to be kept.

Rose – 7.5 – Delightful first half spreading play. Ran the show. Closed down second half.


Michael Rose: Orchestrated the Silkmen’s Boxing Day show! (Image courtesy of Chelsie Wilson).

Lloyd – 7.5 – Loves to run and put in a couple of dangerous crosses.

Stephens – 7 – Quieter game for Ben. No sign of him livening up later in Rumba, despite several Zombie buckets (lookalike if not him)!

Marsh – 6 – Struggling to be effective on the right wing, setting up Wilson’s second deserves a mention. As does the ball to the face he took. Ouch!

Wilson – 9 – MOM – Two superbly taken goals. With Smith now out we’re going to need Scott to continue this form.

Smith – 7 – Led the line well but his team suffering for a few games with a silly unnecessary elbow.


Big Sol – 7.5 – Team has more confidence and is working harder. Keeps picking the right team with the players at his disposal. Tying down Nathan is key, as is signing a couple of CM’s and a striker. Big January for big Sol. Fantastic turnout from 463 Silks.

Mr. Kennedy – Hails from Green Bay Wisconsin.


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