A View From The West: Port Vale (H)

Ryan Cawley provides the Star Lane End with his ratings following Saturday’s 0-0 draw at home to Port Vale:

O’Hara – 7.5 – Didn’t have a lot to do, could have nipped off for a turkey butty and Vale still wouldn’t have scored. One good save.

Pearson – 8.5 – MOM – James was committed in the challenge and got forward well. Quickly becoming one of the first names on the team sheet.

Fitz – 7 – Solid David. You would trust him not to pour all the gravy over his Christmas dinner before it was your turn. No one wants a dry Christmas dinner.

Cameron – 8 – Made a big difference, need to extend his deal beyond January. Big Nathan, big difference, big Sol!

Kellogg’s – 7.5 – Still called Kellogg’s because he didn’t score at the end when I made a deal with him not to call him Kellogg’s if he was to score. Did grrrrreeeaaaat!!

Lloyd – 8 – Ran, ran then ran some more.


An energetic display from Ryan Lloyd (Image courtesy of Chelsie Wilson).

Rose – 6.5 – Few loose passes but solid enough. Rose Rose Rose the gravy boat on your Christmas dinner.

Stephens – 7 – Played out of position in the middle with our lack of fit / good midfielders.

Monty Ponty – 6 – Tried but little impact. Should stick to bowling spinners.

Marsh – 6 – Poor, didn’t beat his man once. Ty ty ty it’s time to go by by by!

Smith – 7 – Needs to improve hold up play but overall did ok. Stick to wining and dining rather than whining.


Wilson – 5.5 – Few good runs but nothing of note. Stick to supping in the pack horse.


Big Sol – 7.5 – Players look fitter, closed Vale down well. Attacking line up. Needs to get some midfielders in sharpish. A crowd of nearly 4,000 were left with an entertaining 0-0.

Mr. Kennedy – Kennedy


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