Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) Update!

Following on from the recent SST AGM and subsequent board meeting, the SST board have been working on a number of initiatives. I am therefore writing on behalf of my fabulous colleagues on the SST board to provide you with an update; most notably that which is in response to the open letter sent to the club last week.

Open Letter to Kevin Green; the Chief Executive of MTFC

A letter documenting the concerns raised by SST members and fans was sent to chief executive Kevin Green on the 24th November. We requested Kevin formally respond by Monday 3rd December.

Since this time majority shareholder Amar Alkadhi has contacted the SST and requested that he (rather than Kevin) provides a response. The fact that Amar has personally intervened demonstrates evidence of positivity with regard to the possibility of more open communication channels between the hierarchy of the club and the fans. In view of this, it has been agreed that the deadline be extended until the end of this week by the very latest to allow Amar time to give a detailed response to us. This will of course be highlighted on the SST website in addition to Wraggs to Riches & The Star Lane End sites.

SST Website

The SST website is currently undergoing a revamp, so please feel free to browse through and see if you can spot anything new!

Home Page:

SST Membership

It is now so much easier to join the SST, as we have updated the registration forms to include account details & pay-pal details.

Join Us:


Throughout the 2017/18 season and during the summer of 2018, the SST (in collaboration with the Super Silk Lotto on a number of initiatives) have provided funding towards the following:

  • A  new lawn mower for the groundsman.
  • John Askey’s home kit and Mitch Hancox’s away kit.
  • Trophies for the Player of the Year Awards evening.
  • New hand dryers in the Star Lane Ladies’ and Gents’ toilets.
  • Insulation of The Mcllroy Suite.
  • A thank you event for the fabulous Silkmen volunteers.
  • Two vital new computers for the administration staff at MTFC.
  • New radio equipment for the stewards.
  • A new glass washer in The McIlroy Suite.
  • Copper piping for the changing rooms.

A huge vote of thanks to YOU in supporting these fundraising initiatives.


Easyfundraising is the completely FREE way in which you can help raise funds for the SST which of course helps the Silkmen cause, and it can be done so easily whilst you shop online.

By using easyfundraising to buy goods from such well-known retailers as and Amazon, a percentage of your spends goes to the SST at NO additional cost to you.

It’s easy to register and use, so find out how using our ‘3 step guide’ at

Santa, the SST and in turn your club all benefit. 😊


As 2018 draws to a close and with the input of new board members with new ideas, the SST are looking to re-launch in 2019 with contemporary aims and objectives. The more members we have, the stronger the influence we can have in support of our beloved  club. Of course the more we can do to help improve the fan experience. Whether this is about the need for a new Butch’s Bar; a new scoreboard or new bins around the ground, we would like the fans that we represent to have more of a say. This is not only with regards to how any funds raised are spent, but as to how the voices of the Silkmen faithful are heard in helping influence positive change at our beloved club.

Andy Worth

SST Chairman




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