Ten things about Exeter City!

  1. First of all a huge thanks to Will McGinnis who acted as chauffeur to yours truly and MTFC Media Manager Bob Trafford for the long drive to and from Exeter in his newly acquired Ford Kuga and a very pleasant experience it was too. This was in spite of having Bob’s constant whinges about the current stressors of his role; his seemingly continuous need to stop at most services for a breath of fresh air (if you know what I mean!) and most notably his delusions of grandeur following the huge number of hits on social media and positive feedback in the press regarding his tweet about Sol Campbell’s impending arrival. As if his head isn’t big enough, it proved almost impossible to get it through the door at the local hotel we stayed last night and this grandiose thinking continued during the journey home!!
  2. The team as a whole were superb last night. They matched high flying Exeter in every department, producing a gritty and disciplined performance that led to a thoroughly deserved victory. Sol Campbell, who was watching in the stands alongside Silkmen Chairman Mark Blower must surely have been impressed by the performance of a team which massively contradicted it’s current status as the basement club in the division with that performance.
  3. I said it in my ten points following the last game against Yeovil that our midfield is so wonderfully unrecognisable from the shambles it was until the return of our wounded midfield heroes from last season. I also said in those particular ten points ramblings that WE MUST SIGN NATHAN CAMERON ON A LONG TERM CONTRACT NOW!!! Having seen him once again last night that view has intensified a million times!
  4. Fiacre Kelleher is a man reborn alongside the awesome Cameron. The kid was superb last night and his pass to Durrell that led to the goal was utterly sublime!  Fiacre was a definite contender for my  Man of the Match for this performance and long may such performances continue. Very well done!!
  5. James Pearson’s performance last night was just WOW! Fearless in the tackle, great positionally and very good going forward; he was just excellent all game and a huge contender for yours truly’s Man of the Match award. Well done James young sir!!
  6. I was absolutely delighted that Harry Smith got a thoroughly deserved goal / winner for us last night. The lad worked his proverbial ‘socks off’, winning plenty of headers, bringing his team mates into the game and the way the other players celebrated with him following his goal was great to see. We MUST keep encouraging the kid because he most definitely has something to offer this beloved team of ours. HARRY SMITH; YOU ARE PB’s MAN OF THE MATCH!! 
  7. Yours truly was one of the small cohort of travelling supporters that made the very long journey on a cold November night but boy was it worth it? I have no idea how we did it but less than half a dozen singers (a particularly big thanks to Jon Smart and Meat Pie man Nick Wright of Canalside Radio fame) appeared to out-sing the very passive and subdued home support and even drew praise from several of them as we left the stadium! A BIG WELL DONE TO THE TWENTY ODD SILKMEN FANS AT ST JAMES PARK ON TUESDAY NIGHT!
  8.  Sol Campbell was at the game on Tuesday evening after having taking up the reins as Silkmen supremo only a few hours earlier. I know many of my Silkmen brethren including yours truly would have loved to see the return of the messiah that is ‘Sir’ John Askey but this was clearly not meant to be! Sol Campbell can in no way be blamed for any of the politics surrounding the ‘Sir’ John debacle! Sol has an incredible pedigree within football and it is a great credit to our beloved blues that we continue to ‘buck the trend’ and provide opportunities within football management for people from Black and Minority Ethnic background. On behalf of The Star Lane End, I would like to offer Sol a very warm welcome and urge every other Silkmen fan to get behind Sol in his quest to lead us to Football League survival!
  9. The Silkmen legend that is Danny Whitaker was his usual high quality self on the pitch on Tuesday evening and his effect both on and off the pitch has now clearly started to ‘bear fruit’ over the past several games which is so fab to see. I recently chatted to Danny following discussions regarding preparations for events surrounding his testimonial season and he was very positive about a number of potential targets identified that he believed that could help to ensure our safety. The very minimum that Danny deserves is to be given the assistant -manager player role and provide a crucial supporting role to Sol in identifying appropriate available targets for both this season and next, whilst helping to continue to nurture the positive spirit that he has clearly helped to develop in the last few weeks and months!
  10. We now have 26 cup finals and 78 points to play for and if we can be in this together we can achieve another miracle of securing safety which is the very minimum that ‘Sir’ John and that amazing team of the 2017/18 deserve for their incredible efforts of last season. I AM SILKMEN TILL I DIE!!

Featured image courtesy of Macclesfield Town Football Club.



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