Open letter to Kevin Green from the SST Board!

Following a recent board meeting by the Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) at which I agreed to take on the role of Chairman for the next twelve months initially; a letter was drafted to Kevin Green, Chief Executive at MTFC with a number of what we on the SST board believe to be challenging yet absolutely necessary questions regarding issues pertaining to our beloved football club. Below is a copy of the letter that was sent where we request a response in writing by Monday 3rd December 2018. The response received by Kevin will also be circulated on the SST website, Star Lane End & Wraggs to Riches. Please see below a copy of the letter that was provided for Kevin after yesterday’s game.

24th November 2018
Kevin Green
Chief Executive
Macclesfield Town Football Club
Moss Rose Stadium
London Road
SK11 7SP
Dear Kevin

First of all as the recently appointed Chairman of the Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) I
would like to welcome you to this fantastic club of ours, and look forward to a positive
and effective working relationship with you in the weeks and months to come. I would
now like to take this opportunity to raise a number of issues of concern that have been
raised to us by our fiercely loyal fan-base, and for which we request that you provide a
formal written response to us. I would like to make it clear to you that this is an open
letter and the contents of which will be available to be seen on the SST website and the
unofficial websites of Wraggs to Riches and The Star Lane End. The board members of
the SST are fundamentally committed to openness and transparency and as such the
decision to make this letter an open one speaks for itself. We wish to make it clear that
any response that you provide to us will be communicated within the forums which have
been previously highlighted. I have taken the opportunity to highlight a number of key concerns and would be most grateful for your responses to the questions raised by Monday 3rd December 2018.
1. There is a strong feeling amongst Silkmen supporters that there is a significant
disconnect between them and the majority shareholder Amar Alkadhi and
Chairman Mark Blower. Could you please advise on how you intend to positively
address this perception amongst the Silkmen faithful?
2. There is a perception that the Silkmen hierarchy is not trusted by a number of
influential local businessman; some of which have previously been involved but
sadly no longer seem to be. Could you please advise on how well you are doing
at attracting the interest of local businesses, and reinvigorating relationships with
previous influential local businesses who have proactively supported the football
club in the past?
3. There are concerns that as majority shareholder, Amar holds such an influential
shareholding that it significantly inhibits the possibility for an Annual General
Meeting (AGM) of shareholders, to discuss important issues around the future of
our beloved club. Could you please advise if there are any plans for an AGM in
the foreseeable future which we feel sure would help to facilitate a feeling of
transparency and openness from the club?
4. There are significant concerns about a perceived lack of investment in the
playing staff at the club which has contributed to the poor start to our season.
Could you please advise as to how the club intends to provide resources that
would ensure our survival in the EFL, and provide clarity as to the current
managerial situation because of the perceived ambiguity in official
communications thus far?
5. A number of supporters have expressed concern as to the apparent lack of
sponsorship for games since our return to the EFL which has inevitably attracted
increased crowds. Could you please advise as to why this appears to be the
case and what the club is doing to address this matter?
6. The SST have been made aware of a number of concerns relating to fans
experience (particularly on London Road) that has created a perception of ‘them
and us’ between the London Road and Moss Lane areas of the ground. Dean
Holmes and Robert Stirling do a fantastic job at attempting to provide a positive
experience for fans in Butch’s Bar, but it is patently clear that the condition of
Butch’s Bar is extremely poor / not fit for purpose, and several of our members
have even indicated their concern about having witnessed rainwater seeping
through light fittings. Could you please advise as to how the club intends to
improve the fans experience in London Road as for example via such initiatives
as a new version of Butch’s Bar?
7. There is evidence that previous investment from the SST has been rewarded
with share provision but there is no evidence that this has been the case
recently. Is the club willing to consider the possibility that for every pound that
they invest into the club (which also includes the Super Silk Lotto investment)
that they will receive a share?
8. A number of our members are aware that 500 pounds a month from the money
accrued via the Super Silk Lotto is paid into the club coffers. Could you please
provide an outline of how that money is utilised? It is considered that an
awareness of how the money raised is supporting the club may encourage
further membership.
9. On a positive note to finish, I would be most grateful if you could make media
manager Bob Trafford aware of the excellent feedback from many of our
members with regards to quality of the official website content, quality of
programme and willingness to provide speedy responses to efforts within his role
of fans liaison officer on behalf of the club.
Macclesfield Town Football Club consistently punches above its weight and our current
position within the elite of 92 Football League clubs bears testimony to this fact. In a
recent address you yourself Kevin spoke of the importance of unity in engendering a
spirit of unity that could ensure our survival that facilitates such a belief. As a
consequence the SST board politely requests that you ‘put your money where your
mouth is’ and offer a honest and valued written response to what is asked of you within
the time-frame provided above.

Yours sincerely

Andy Worth
SST Chairman




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