When the going gets tough!

Let’s face it, our beloved Silkmen are in crisis. We are currently the 92nd of the 92 Football League Clubs and deservedly so, and at risk of having arguably the most awful season in our illustrious history whilst potentially creating the record for the worst ever points tally by any club in the history of the Football League. The Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) was formed when our very existence was threatened because of issues relating to the building of the new stand on Moss Lane. Many supporters including yours truly rallied in support of our beloved club and the SST was one of a number of key factors that ensured we were able to secure our future from the very edge of the precipice over which our club was hanging by it’s proverbial fingernails during that oh so difficult period. Macclesfield Town Football Club may not be hanging over the precipice in terms of it’s very existence but we most certainly are in terms of our continued existence within the elite 92 clubs of the Football League.

Macclesfield is a small town which is a relative ‘stone’s throw’ from a number of the biggest clubs in English football and as such always faces a major battle in securing the level of support that would be compatible with the top ten of the National League North let alone the Football League. Last season ‘Sir’ John and that incredible team achieved arguably one of the greatest achievements in the history of football by taking us into the Football League on a fraction of the budget that many of our competitors had at their disposal. I share the sentiments of many of my Silkmen compatriots about the utterly mind boggling events of the close season that saw us lose one of the greatest managers in our history and the replacement of key personnel from last season with players that would not look out of playing within the bottom two of the National League North! However we are where we are and as the Billy Ocean song says ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going.’

I was one of the founding members of the SST and it’s first Chairman. Now I am NOT going to bul&sh*t any of you, and am aware that the SST has done a lot of good things but it could have done so much better in many things as well. The biggest of these is NOT convincing it’s wonderfully loyal yet small fan-base that the SST can be their voice in raising issues good or bad that impact upon our beloved club. I have read with interest the comments of the more critical and less politically correct members of our support who whilst acknowledging their fundraising efforts of the SST, view them as a sort of elitist group of individuals who merely pander to the whims of the club’s hierarchy. If the SST is truly to have ‘teeth’ then it needs to work so very hard to change this image, and there really is no time like the present is there? I was one of the attendees at the recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the SST on the 12th November 2018, and it was so refreshing to witness Ryan Cawley and James Wilson become members of the SST board. These young men are both the lifeblood and the future of the Silkmen fan-base, and so it was so pleasing to see them become actively involved within the leadership of the SST, and it would be great to see a number of their peers follow suit in the near future. As I sat on the periphery of this meeting, I questioned as to why I was not following the example of Ryan & James in trying to make a difference.


Ryan Cawley: recently joined the SST board (Image courtesy of The Star Lane End).

I am a well known ‘gobby git’ and I sincerely believe that a good football supporters group not only supports their club financially, but also takes the opportunity to sensibly question the validity of the actions of senior representatives of their respective clubs. As a consequence, on the 19th November 2018 I met with board members of the SST and agreed to take on the role of chairman of the SST board for the next twelve months after which the situation will be appropriately reviewed. I remember speaking with Bashar Alkadhi, when Chairman of the SST a number of years ago, and I can clearly remember him speaking of how both Amar and himself would give far greater credence to fans groups such as ours when they were able to demonstrate that they represented a significant percentage of the Silkmen fan base and to be honest I really got where he was coming from! It is at this point that I come to you my Silkmen brethren and implore that if you are not already a member of the SST, please join and strengthen our hand. If you can, then join the Super Silk Lotto as well and help swell their coffers so that they can provide financial assistance (when necessary) to improve the experience of the ‘average Joe’ Silkmen supporter.

Anyone that knows me will know that I am not exactly a wallflower, and will not be anyone’s lapdog. As a consequence, when it comes to my beloved Silkmen I am capable of acting in the role of the ultimate rottweiler! As a consequence, I ask that you support the new SST board financially and otherwise, and help yours truly to develop the ‘teeth’ that will help us to move our beloved club forward and (hopefully) lead to our tenure within the Football League for generations to come. I AM SILKMEN TILL I DIE!!

Andy Worth


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