SLE Prediction League 2018/2019: Milton Keynes Dons (Away)

Here is what you have to do!

Submit your score and attendance prediction either on our forum (if you are able to login), on the Star Lane End Facebook page or email them to The Silkmen make the trip to face Milton Keynes Dons on Saturday for our next League 2 encounter and the deadline for predictions is at 2p.m. on Saturday 17th November.

Here is how you will be scored!

3 points – 1 for the result and two bonus points for the correct score.

1 point – attendance within 50 either

toddymacc’s update following Maidstone United (Away)

Participant Total Score Pts v Maidstone
Joe Koller 18 0
Alex Reed 16 0
Andrew Brinkhurst 16 1
Jonathan Barton 15 0
Anthony Holmes 14 0
James Bex 14 0
John Michelle Souness 14 3
Kyle Ellwood 14 0
Kyle Lord 14 3
Michele Slack 14 3
Finley Brown 13 0
Jason Poyser 13 4
Oliver Bateman 13 1
Silkmanfwd 13 1
Andy Worth 12 1
silkmen_away 12 0
Chris Rose 11 0
Dave Burt 11 0
Jay Rawcliffe 11 0
Sam Broughton 11 1
Clive Underhill 10 0
Pete Smith 10 1
Ryan Bez Berrisford 10 0
Steve Smith 10 1

Apologies for the lack of an update.

Joe Koller is hanging on to the lead following a barren couple of weeks and 24 players are now on 10 or more points. Northampton saw the lowest collective points scored of the season, with hopes buoyed after the win against Carlisle. Results since then have seen most players adopt a more pessimistic position, and 4 players predicted the score, whilst 17 others notched a point for the result or the attendance.


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