Silkmen Supporters Trust AGM and general meeting: Get your questions answered!

On Monday 12th November 2018 at 7.45p.m. in the McIlroy Suite, the Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) will be hosting their Annual General Meeting (AGM). Following the AGM, there will be a general meeting which will give all Silkmen supporters (members or not) the chance to put their questions to the SST board.

The SST will inform the audience of how donations have been spent and the board  welcome any suggestions in regards to what you would like to see the SST get involved in that helps to improve the experience of Silkmen supporters, and positive developments for the club as a whole. You may or may not know that Silkmen supporter Ryan Cawley has recently applied to join the SST board where he’s due to be formally inaugurated on to the SST board on Monday. Ryan is well known to many of the Silkmen faithful and is one of the hardcore fans who frequent the Star Lane End. As a consequence, a number of Silkmen supporters have already approached Ryan with a number of discussion topics for the general meeting such as support in coordinating a Question and Answer session with owner Amar AlKadhi and chairman Mark Blower.


Comment on the SLE Facebook page or privately message Ryan Cawley on Facebook (above) if you can’t attend Monday’s meeting and you have any questions / topics you would like him to raise during the discussion (Image courtesy of The Star Lane End).

If there are Silkmen fans who cannot attend the meeting, but would still like their voices heard; then please either post questions / discussion topics on the SLE Facebook page or privately message Ryan via his Facebook page, and he will be most happy to raise questions / discussion topics at the meeting. The SST is a fantastic way of getting the voice of the ‘average Joe’ Silkmen fan heard, and the more members that they have, the more powerful their voice can be made heard to the club hierarchy. The SST board hope to see as many Silkmen fans as possible at the meeting, and intend for the meeting to finish at no later than 9.15p.m.


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