Ten things about Bury yesterday!

  1. I started my ten things last week with looking at the positives first, and I shall continue in that vein this week. The FIRST positive was the wonderfully observed minutes silence by players, officials and fans of both teams in memory of those who lost their lives in service of their country since the end of the First World War; whilst also remembering those who so tragically lost their lives at the King Power Stadium, Leicester last weekend.
  2. The SECOND positive once again is Ben Stephens who has been the only ray of light in relation to the quality of signings since that wonderful day in April last year. Ben has energy, enthusiasm, movement and skill. He won headers today that he had no right to win, and scored a very neatly taken goal that all too briefly got us back into the match. I sincerely hope that him being taken off was predominantly a precautionary measure, and I will also give a special mention for much maligned Harry Smith who I thought had a pretty decent game in comparison to the majority of his peers today.
  3. The THIRD positive was David Fitzpatrick who had the courage to come over to the McIlroy Suite after today’s game and speak openly and honestly about the game and other issues, where he admitted that the performance today (and all season) has been far from good enough. ‘Fitz‘ also acknowledged that the team were consistently making individual errors that led to losses in a lot of our games thus far! Fitz thanked fans for predominantly sticking with team in spite of the awfulness of the season thus far, and confirmed that Danny Whitaker was the manager for the foreseeable future!
  4. The fourth POSITIVE is the return of Ryan Lloyd from injury. The lad is head and shoulders a better midfielder than what we have seen in recent times with the notable exception of Ben Stephens. This bodes well for the rest of the season (particularly if we also get back Danny Whitaker, Callum Evans & Elliott Durrell very soon), although I sincerely hope it is then not too little, too late!
  5. Now for the negatives. Other than for a 10 or so minute period after Ben Stephens pulled a goal back we were completely outplayed all over the park. Bury had movement and pace and could have been a goal up as early as the first minute. They looked solid and composed with a clear game plan; were ruthless when they had a chance, and even I applauded their second goal! On the other hand, we continue to make silly individual mistakes practically every week that cost us goals and games!!
  6. You cannot expect to compete in this league when a significant percentage of the current starting eleven would struggle for a place in the bottom two or three of a National League North team! I would therefore advise that we send Maycock & Kelleher back to their parent clubs with immediate effect; send Grimes, Vincenti and Welch-Hayes out on loan to lower league clubs as soon as possible, whilst utilising Danny & Neil’s knowledge and expertise to bring in much better replacements in the January transfer window! We could then earnestly pray that two other teams have a spectacular nosedive in form to give us the remotest chance of survival!
  7. I cannot understand what is going on with James Pearson! The lad was not even on the bench today and IMHO he has performed MUCH BETTER than Kelleher & Grimes when he has played! Many of the Silkmen faithful (including yours truly) cannot understand why he has not been given a chance alongside Keith Lowe in central defence. Let’s face it; he could hardly do any worse that Grimes & Kelleher could he?
  8. The FA Cup First Round is normally an occasion that provides a sense of excitement for fans of lower league teams, and promotes dreams of a big money tie against Premier League opposition as little as two games later! Is it not then so very sad to note that hardcore fans such as Pete & Steve Smith; Jon Smart and Richard Swallow then openly indicate that they will not be going to the game? This surely provides a very sad reflection of the current dreadful state of our beloved club so soon after the miraculous exploits of last season, and I would like to make it very clear that I do not blame them whatsoever!
  9. Is it not time for some interaction with the fans from Messrs. Blower & Green? They represent the hierarchy of our club, and need to put their head above the parapet in the same way as Fitz did so gallantly today. I would therefore suggest that they are the next post match guests for the Question & Answer session that I would envisage would be scheduled for the 24th November 2018 following the Yeovil Town game!!
  10. It would appear that Danny Whitaker has been handed the managerial reins for the foreseeable future. Danny is unquestionably a Silkmen legend and whatever happens in the next few months NO BLAME whatsoever should be placed at his door should we suffer another heartbreaking relegation which sadly is looking increasingly likely as early as November ffs! Let’s face it, we all know where the blame would lie, and I urge my Silkmen brethren to consistently get behind Danny & the lads, because we really do not have any other choice. I AM SILKMEN TILL I DIE! 


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