A View From The West: Bury (Home)

Ryan Cawley returns with his ratings following The Silkmen’s 4-1 home defeat against The Shakers of Bury:

Taylor – 5 – Palmed the first goal right to their player and his kicking was poor. Couple of decent saves.

Fitz – 5 – Looked as dejected as the fans felt.

Kelleher – 2 – Simply not good enough, gave the ball away and Bury’s strikers ran rings around him all afternoon.

Lowe – 5 – Tried hard again but needs someone decent alongside him. Why haven’t we tried Pearson at CB?

Hodgkiss – 5 – Another that huffed and puffed but blew no houses down.

Maycock – 1 – Gets one for the one decent tackle he made. Not good enough for this league or the National League.

Vincenti – 0 – Truly awful. How this man is a professional footballer is beyond me!

Rose – 5 – Spread the ball well but gave a stupid foul away for their third by diving / slipping in.

Stephens – 8 – MOM – Scored and was our only threat. Only one that looked like he cared. Says it all when MOM has only played 66 minutes of the game.


Ben Stephens: Ryan’s shining star on a gloomy day for the Moss Rose club (Image courtesy of Chelsie Wilson).

Smith – 4 – Not good enough, spends more time moaning / spitting his dummy out!

Wilson – 5 – Willing runner but no service and not really a threat.


Arthur – 3 – Got on the ball, turned and kicked the ball out of play searching for Jared. Can’t remember much else.

Lloyd – 4 – Never got in the game but very glad to see Ryan back.

Blissett – 2 – Only remember one header being won.


Whitaker – 5 – Hard to rate as any manager in the world would struggle with our squad. Fans would respect the owner and chairman more if they held their hands up and were honest about the utter mess we are in. We have been awful all season and it’s stemmed from terrible decisions over the summer. Stand up, admit it and do something to change it or resign immediately Mr. Blower. Amar just sell the club to the local business man who allegedly put in an offer last season, pick up the phone and beg if you have too!

Horny Howarth – Hopefully starting alongside Keith at CB next week.


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