The only way is up!

For the remainder of this season, this just isn’t the time to see an half empty glass but a half full one for Danny, Neil and the lads. As Yazz and the Plastic Population pointed out in their inspirational chart topping hit of 1988, it really is a case of ‘The Only Way is Up’ and we as fans can help to achieve this goal. Under Gary Simpson during the 2011/12 season, everything looked rosy at Christmas, and many were hopeful of a top ten finish and possibly even an outside chance of the play-offs. The rest as they say is history, and we literally slithered back into non-league with barely a whimper! There are still 31 games and 93 points up for grab ffs and if we can get something like a half these, then we will more than likely be looking forward to another year (and hopefully many more) in the elite 92 clubs of the Football League.

Of course this will be a very difficult task, and last Tuesday against Northampton Town (which was so painful to watch) provided us a stark reminder of how difficult this will be, but I urge you that cast your minds back to that crushing defeat at Fylde last season. The 6-0 hammering at Fylde subsequently provided the catalyst that we needed to help inspire our incredible progress for the rest of that amazing season last year where we achieved the impossible dream! what was achieved last season was a modern day footballing miracle, and so why can’t we do it again this season?

We as fans MUST support the lads, win lose, or draw. There really is no other choice. It will not be pretty at times, but we must get behind the lads by praising everything that they do well via clapping and cheering; whilst gently cajoling when inevitable mistakes are made. In Danny & Neil we have two legends currently at the helm, and we really do need to be that 12th man in giving our unequivocal 100% support. Okay yours truly (and many others) will have a moan about games where it all went ‘pear shaped’ but this can surely be done via the message boards (when apposite) and NOT on the terraces.

This is OUR TOWN, OUR CLUB  and as one of the poorest and least resourced clubs in League 2, we need to adopt that incredible ‘against all odds’ mentality once again to provide even the faintest chance of  survival. This is nothing new is it my Silkmen brethren? PBJ and I will be at Cambridge on Saturday alongside other Silkmen diehards in urging the lads on, and hopefully over the next few weeks, we will see what is effectively our first team midfield return to full fitness and starting to challenge for a first team start. This means four potentially new additions to the squad, and we have the January transfer window as well!! With this in mind, come Saturday 4th of May 2019 at some time past 16.45 pm, we could still be enjoying the prospect of another season in the Football League following tremendous positivity from the terraces, and just how good would that feel for us fans? We could then look forward to further celebration the day after with a hugely deserved testimonial game in honour of the Silkmen midfield maestro and legend that is DANNY WHITAKER!





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