Ten things about Northampton!

  1.  It breaks my heart to do this because I NEVER wanted to write this about a performance like this from a Silkmen team that two Silkmen legends in Danny and Neil are managing, but I am afraid I am going to have to!
  2. The team tonight provided us with an early Halloween nightmare because that was an ABSOLUTE HORROR SHOW! We were annihilated, bullied and embarrassed by a Northampton Town team who were languishing in the lower half of the table, and had only won two games before tonight. How sad is it then, that we made them look like bl*%dy Real Madrid ffs?
  3. I genuinely would not have complained if we had gone in to the half-time break at least six down, because Northampton missed a couple of relative sitters before they scored. But for some very good saves from Rhys (my man of the match with Keith a close second despite the fact that neither of them were anywhere near their best last night) Northampton could have reached double figures by the end of the game, and I would have readily acknowledged that such a score-line provided a very fair reflection of the game.
  4. I don’t think I have ever seen two more contrasting performances from the same team within the space of two games and only three days! That was NOT a performance where every player gave their all for the cause; there was NO passion or commitment from the vast majority of the team, and I can only exempt Rhys, Keith and Ben Stephens from any criticism in this regard.
  5. I genuinely believe that after securing our first win so deservedly on Saturday, the players turned up expecting the Cobblers of Northampton Town to simply roll over and give us the three points as easily as counting 123! From the first minute to the last we looked at least two yards slower than them all over the park thus providing them with far to much time and space when they had the ball. We were also  pitifully weak in the tackle and hardly strung two passes together all night!
  6. Fitz, who had been back to the heady heights of consistency of excellence of performance of last season in recent games, had arguably one of the worst games I have seen him have since he joined us. However he was most definitely not on his own, because Jared had a very poor game by his standards with Jamie Grimes looking once again like an accident waiting to happen whenever he had the ball! Only Rhys and Keith were anywhere near their normal level of performance, and poor James Pearson must have watched tonight wondering how the heck he isn’t starting. I will repeat what I have said on several previous occasions about giving him a go partnering him alongside Keith in central defence!
  7. Where do I start about the midfield?  Michael Rose, who had been superb on Saturday, looked way off the pace and prompted yours truly to consider if at 36 years of age; his body now struggles with the demands of two games in three days within this very competitive league! Peter Vincenti’s doppelganger (a pub league player most recently seen at Prenton Park) returned with a vengeance, and I lost count of how many fouls he gave away in dangerous situations after having been far to weak and clumsy in the tackle. Callum Maycock who had showed some encouraging signs of improvement in recent games, provided another of his invisible man performances and little Malachi Napa MUST get into the gym and build up some upper body strength as he is knocked off the ball so easily!
  8. Up front we look powder-puff I am afraid to say. In earlier games this season Bliss was winning headers and laying off the ball quite well, but his form has deserted him in recent games as has his first touch touch which was not great to start with! Harry Smith struggles to get into games either from the bench or when starting, and Ty Marsh and Scott Wilson do not look like they will score enough goals at this level I am afraid to say.
  9. I must admit I was gobsmacked when I did not see Ben Stephens in the starting eleven yesterday evening. The kid had changed the game when he came off  the bench on Saturday, and like many of my Silkmen brethren felt he was more than worthy of a starting berth tonight. At 4-0 down at half-time, the game was effectively a dead rubber, and when he did eventually come on for the second half, Ben  looked the one player who had the pace, guile and movement to worry a Northampton back-line who I genuinely don’t think will have an easier game all season!
  10. I have been of the strongest advocates of Danny & Neil taking over at the helm and up until last night where the vast improvement in recent performances had led me to think that I was right in my assertion. Last night may well prove to have been a horrible blip if we get good results against an improving Cambridge away from home and Bury at home in our next two league games. However, such was the awfulness of last night’s performance which was arguably worse than the thrashing at West Ham when considering the relative quality of the opposition and the fact we were at home; I genuinely fear that the incredibly fragile confidence within the team may well have been so seriously damaged by last night’s result that the chances of Danny & Neil of securing the managerial reins on a permanent basis are now vastly reduced!



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