A View From The West: Northampton Town (Home)

Taylor – 0 – MOM – Saved us from conceding 8. Kicking terrible.

Hodgkiss – 0 – All over the place.

Lowe – 0 – Got stuck in, won headers but lack of pace cost us for at least one goal

Grimes – 0 – Wow, how bad can you be!

Fitz – 0 – Did not lead by example.


Captain ‘Fitz’: Saw the team spiral out of control on Tuesday evening (Photograph courtesy of Chelsie Wilson).

Maycock – 0 – Can’t win a tackle, pass or score. One of the main problems in an awful midfield.

Vincenti – 0 – Gave a foul and ball away with every touch. Rubbish.

Rose – 0 – Got stuck in but we’ve signed a man in his twilight. Might have been ok…10 years ago.

Napa – 0 – Runs around in circles and loves cutting back into a man.

Marsh – 0 – Beat no one, gave ball away.

Blissett – 0 – Isolated and not in the game.


Smith – 0 – Will Harry ever win a header?

Stephens – 0 – Tried hard and should of had a penalty.

Wilson – 0 – Scott came on?


Whitaker – 0 – Left with a terrible squad but team looked void of ideas. Basics like marking men on free kicks and being organised from corners were not there. No passion, no communication, no one getting stuck in. Do the players care? Stark reality after Saturday. Northampton were better than Carlisle but we went back to a Yates display with Yates’ players.

Horny Howarth – Neil is playing re-runs of Chris Byrne to Macc’s midfield to show them how to tackle, create and score.



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