Ten things about Accrington Stanley!

  1. I hate going to that place and I always will. We ALWAYS lose, and it always feels that it is ALWAYS somewhere in the middle of a siberian winter whilst we shiver out another miserable defeat behind that bl**dy awful open ended terrace!!
  2. Not even a mixture of Pep Guardiola and Zinedine Zidane could rescue the current crop of players from relegation as we stand. At least we tried to play football on the floor more than at any time this season, but we are more than a million miles away (sorrry tee hee!) from where we were last season! I have to be honest that I really am dreading Friday night at Prenton Park because it really does appear at this moment (I really hope that I am wrong) that revenge for them will be VERY, VERY SWEET!!
  3. I am afraid that Fiacre Kelleher had another poor game to compound the one he had on Saturday! He is slow, cumbersome, easily beaten and not good in possession; and was so easily beaten in the build up to their first goal. Poor Callum Maycock was a virtual passenger in our midfield once again. Malachi Napa most definitely possesses a fair bit of both skill and pace, but his tendency to almost dribble himself into an opposition defender after going around two or three is so frustrating as opposed to around them, as is the equally frustrating way in which he delivers less than meaningful crosses or shots from good positions that he will sometimes create for himself! Despite this, come January, the only one out of the three loanees that I would be tempted to keep on would be Malachi!
  4. Rhys Taylor made several excellent saves and had little chance with the goals, and alongside Jared Hodgkiss and Keith Lowe, were exempt from any criticism from yours truly yesterday evening.
  5. Now I know that Koby divides opinions but on Saturday he was arguably one of our better players before being inexplicably subbed. Unfortunately him going off last night before half-time with an allegedly tight hamstring, adds further concerns as to the quality of the already massively beleagured midfield line. With this in mind is there any value in attempting to secure a free agent who may provide some pedigree, or alternatively get one of the kids from the impressive under 18’s and give them a chance to shine even fom the bench?
  6. I am more than a little worried about Fitz. Over the past few seasons, Fitz has delivered incredibly consistent performances and has been arguably one of our best players during this period. This season he has not appeared anywhere as near at that level of consistency, and I wonder if he is hampered by the burden of captaincy which is not for him I fear. I sincerely believe that we need to go back to our natural leader / captain within the team and that is JARED who is the player who could clearly be heard barking out advice and support to his team mates throughout the game last night!
  7. I am ever so baffled by the lack of game time for Ben Stephens, who we have been told is now fit to play. This game would have been the perfect opportunity to show off his proverbial ‘wares’ and give Danny and Neil some food for thought, particularly in view of the potentially worrying injury to Koby which may preclude him from Friday’s oh so important encounter with Tranmere!
  8. The conceding of another two goals in the last few minutes of the game again was just shambolic and whilst they were the better side (the fourth goal was a simply horrible one to concede), we simply do not know how to play out a game for eighty minutes let alone ninety minutes. This raises serious questions as to the current level of fitness of the team which was utterly amazing last season!
  9. Mr Blower; when talking to deuce_bigalow in the car park following last night’s game, was made aware of concerns of the fans as to the apparent lack of fitness that coincides with the significant number of goals conceded within the dying embers of the game. Mr Blower was keen to highlight that we now have a specific fitness and conditioning coach, which subsequently led to light hearted banter on the journey home, that it was clearly ‘Big’ Jim Goodwin that was undertaking this role such was it’s apparent current (LACK OF) effect thus far!
  10. Getting our quality injured players such as Danny Whitaker, Ryan Lloyd, Elliott Durrell and Callum Evans back into the fray as soon as possible is crucial. However, my real worry is that such has been the total lack of investment in quality acquisitions within the squad during pre-season, we could end up being in a situation of ‘too little too late’, and we all know who many Silkmen fans would hold to account for that should we succumb to the nightmare of another relegation from the EFL once again!





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