Ten things about Notts County yesterday!!

  1. That was a poor quality game between two poor sides where we were arguably the better side until the 70th minute!
  2. The 70th minute saw the most baffling / bizarre of substitutions I have seen in many a long year when Mr Yates once again showed his completly unique and dare I say massively flawed take on tactical nous? This was achieved by taking off two of our best outfield performers in ‘Bliss’ (who was excellent again) and Koby Arthur who was having one of his better games, and replacing them with Smith and Napa who were both completely anonymous from the moment they came on!! Vincenti (who was okayish) was then replaced by Rose in the 75th minute (he did nothing either) and we subsequently completely lost any semblance of  shape and momentum before gifting County a win they barely deserved!
  3. The penalty was horrendous and a reflection of the abhorent season that we are having. Kelleher (I’m speechless!) did an atrocious back pass under no pressure that subsequently led to O’Hara making a rash decision / challenge when it looked like Keith would manage the danger with little problem. It seems to me that since West Ham, the kid has lost confidence and in the last two games has made two poor errors of judgment that have led to goals from subsequent penalty kicks. Maybe he needs a rest and the restoration of Rhys as our goalkeeping custodian, but this will of course depend on what the agreeement with Man United is!!
  4.  IMHO the recruitment in the close season is one of the worst that I have ever seen. The players that have come in (with the exception of goalkeepers) are not a patch on the ones that left us; and even the most myopic of Macc fans can clearly see that they were VERY cheap and definitely not so cheerful for the Silkmen faithful to endure. It is heartbreaking to see my beloved Silkmen like some proverbial wounded and helpless animal literally ‘dying’ in front of our eyes as our season meanders towards what seems like almost inevitable relegation.
  5. I never personally rated Gary Simpson as a manager but I always acknowledged that he had an eye for a decent player. From what I have seen thus far, Mr Yates is neither a good manager or has an eye for a good player!
  6. Mr Yates interviews are awful, and he does not seem to have any idea about how bad the situation is. YES WE ARE A MILLION MILES AWAY Mr Yates, and I feel so sorry for Bobby Trafford because how positive and innovative can you be in conducting interviews with the bloke, when performances are consistently sh*%e and we lose nearly every week?
  7. What does Nelly Howarth do? I loved him a player and lion hearted captain, and he is a really nice bloke as well. I would love to see him much more involved and visible around the club, and an occasional interview which would surely be better than the same old regugitated drivel that Mr Yates has been giving us over the past few months!
  8. We are now five points off safety (six if you include the current goal difference) and have not won in any competitive fixture over ninety minutes this season! We are in October ffs and I urge Messrs Alkadhi, Blower & Green to please do the right thing and let another Silkmen legend and fans favourite in Danny Whitaker step into the breach (alongside another experienced Silkmen legend with managerial experience such as Nelly Howarth. Stevie Burr or Neil Sorvel) and GIVE US OUR CLUB BACK!
  9. The minutes applause in the 22nd minute of the game for young Notts County fan Ryan Parkins (who so tragically passed away at 22 years young) was wonderfully observed and worthy of great credit being given to both sets of fans. Thanks one and all for this, and I hope that Ryan’s family will be able to see footage of the homage played to a young man who was universally acclaimed as a lovely young person who was taken from this world far too early in life.
  10.  After the game I had the privilege of watching Jeff Lynne’s Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) at the Manchester Arena and they were simply amazing! The most poignant part of the evening for yours truly came with their final song of ‘Mr Blue Sky’  which evoked such fantastic memories of the ultimate Silkmen icon (as both player and manager) in ‘Sir’ John Askey and his wonderful team that gave us such pleasure with their entertaining brand of football that is a far cry from the current situation! It was therefore so nice to see two pivotal members of that brilliant team in Elliott Durrell and Ryan Lloyd kicking the ball about prior to the game after very lengthy injury lay offs, and giving us the ever so slightest of hope for the future for the VERY long winter that lies ahead!


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