A View From The West: Lincoln City (H)

Ryan Cawley provides the SLE with his latest ratings following yesterday’s home defeat to the current League 2 leaders Lincoln City:

O’Hara – 9.5 – MOM – Quite simply stopped the score being ridiculous.

Pearson – 6 – Tried hard down the right on his own.

Lowe – 6 – Looked like a man who hasn’t had game time, off the pace.

Kellogg’s – 5 – Like the other two CB’s couldn’t get near John Akinde.

Grimes – 4 – Tried to miss his goal, dwelled on the ball and hoofed.

Fitz – 6 – Tried hard but to no avail.

Whit – 6.5 – Played it on the ground and worked hard as ever.


Our midfield magician Danny Whitaker looks just as forlorn as the loyal Silkmen fanbase given our current situation (Photograph courtesy of Chelsie Wilson).

Rose – 5 – Great cross for the goal but gave it away constantly and quite simply is not fit to clean the boots of the likes of Whitehead.

Vincenti – 2 – Awful. Did nothing other than give fouls away.

Napa – 5.5 – Looked a threat at times, looked like a headless chicken at others.

Smith – 4 – Confidence looks shot. Blissett is head and shoulders a more rounded player and should have started.


Blissett – 6.5 – A handful and did well for the goal

Marsh – 6.5 – Like Bliss had a good hand in our 15 minute spell.

Wilson – 5 – Didn’t really do anything but didn’t have long.


Yates – 0 – Players looked lost. No plan or tactics. For 70 minutes we were inept. It was men against boys. Looking forward to the interview where he says we played well. The most one sided 2-1 you will ever see. 18 shots with 10 on target for Lincoln tells the tale of the game.

Horny Howarth – Should be in temporary charge before Morecambe but can the club afford to sack the jester?


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