Moose Tours Memories: Stevenage

PBJ was ‘rocking out’ with Deano Holmes as they allegedly provided musical entertainment for some hairy bikers (no not the chefs!!) for Friday and Saturday night somewhere in Stoke. As a consequence, PB who was bleary eyed and lonesome at an unearthly time on Saturday morning got on board the fun bus to Stevenage opposite the Ivy Leaf  with the lovely Tina and Steve Littler; a top bloke and brother of the legendary Moose who is still so sorely missed by all those who had the pleasure to make his acquaintance.

Greeted onto the bus by the ever friendly face of genial host / co-ordinator Bernie Rickman, yours truly passed and greeted lots of familiar faces on Moose including the Milligans, Chrissie Thompson, Chris Edge, the Browns, the legendary Smith bros and Mick Taylor. Also present and correct were the likes of Tesco’s Terry Hunter, Dave (Ena Sharples) Willey, and not forgetting the incomparable Harry Stokes and Hollywood superstar Ryan (Gerard Butler) Pollard! A lot of the youngsters who normally frequent the back seat of Moose who I call the Jackson Four or Five (depending on who travels) were not there and no doubt saving up for the mouth watering visit to the Olympic Stadium in the coming weeks. After a brief pit stop at Stafford Services, we made good progress and arrived at Letchworth not much after 11a.m. much to the pleasure of Steve and Pete (Smith) and Mick (Taylor) who looked forward to downing a few pints before returning to the bus for the short journey to Stevenage.

Letchworth Garden City as it is formally known was one of the first of the so called new towns where notable residents have included Jack Hobbs, the legendary English Cricketer, journalist Jennie Bond and film director Michael Winner! The mad rush to get off the bus ensued, and many of the 33 passengers  either descended on to the bookies or rushed to the dubious delights of the local Wetherspoons. In the case of young Harry it was to locate the whereabouts of the nearest McDonald’s to make use of his staff discount, and then sneak it into the pub if he could! PB decided on none of these options, and instead joined the Browns, Steve Littler and several others in a pub called The Platform situated on Station Road in Letchworth (clever eh?) and according to it’s Facebook page, is known for it’s ‘good food, craft beer, cask ale and cocktails. We also have a fantastic late night offering at the weekends and are renowned for our hospitality.’


The Platform: good beer on tap!

As the Browns and others tucked into a hearty fry up, Steve and I decided to take our time and enjoy several pints (the on tap Peroni which was very pleasant) and chew the cud over such matters as Cricket, holidays to New Zealand and the awful football currently on show from our team. Good company and good news on the England team’s first innings recovery courtesy of Jos Buttler & Stuart Broad even led Steve & I to ponder an unlikely victory and with stomach’s now rumbling ever more noisily, we decided to pay a visit to the chippy across the road, the niftily named ‘Oh my Cod!’ where we were served by the very friendly staff on the other side of the counter. Steve went for the Fish & Chips, whilst yours truly browsed the menu, not sure what would tempt his palate. To PB’s  amazement, gravy was available (yes gravy down sarf’ in a chippy) and so a large portion of chips and gravy was purchased and consumed and very nice it was too.


PB’s Saturday lunch time treat en route to Stevenage: Oh my Cod, gravy in a Southern chippy, a nice surprise to fin-ish our stay in Letchworth!

The passengers returned to the coach for about 1.45p.m., no doubt content with the various amounts of food and drink partaken as a means of meeting their individual dietary and fluid intake requirements! We then left for the short journey to Stevenage in hope (as opposed to expectation) that a pleasant Saturday lunchtime in Hertfordshire could be converted to an even more pleasant early evening when the full time whistle was blown, and the Silkmen (pretty please) were returning to Cheshire with our first league victory of the season!


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