Ten things about Stevenage on Saturday!

1. We have gone from a club that felt so united on that amazing day at Eastleigh to a club that now feels completely DIS-united less than five months later!

2. We have gone from champagne football last season to the dregs following a New Years Eve party type of football this season!

3. We lost to a Stevenage side that are absolutely shocking!

4. It is criminal that our Championship winning captain and natural leader is not even on the bench (when by all accounts he is not injured) and that other members of that illustrious team including Tyrone Marsh, Scotty Wilson (top scorer last season) & Callum Evans are dragging their heels on the bench, whilst we collate 2 points out of 21!

5. I was baffled by the tactics that saw Miles Welch-Heyes (rightly) substituted at half-time but replaced by Harry Smith as opposed to Callum Evans when it was plain to see last week that Bliss and him don’t work together, and we subsequently adopt a hoofball approach hated by so many Silkmen fans including yours truly!

6. We looked SOOOO much better when Tyrone finally came on for Vincenti (who looks a decent footballer but clearly way off match fitness) and he gave us a vibrancy and energy to our play that saw us completely dominate the final quarter of the game without ever really troubling their shockingly time wasting ‘keeper Farman!


Tyrone Marsh: made a difference when he came on but it was too little too late! (Photograph courtesy of Chelsie Wilson).

7. The ref was appalling and I am sure he had a Stevenage shirt on underneath his referee’s garb!

8. The fans were very supportive of the team again, and although ‘Sir’ John’s name was (understandably) sung by some of the Silkmen faithful during the game, they applauded the team at the end despite another less than satisfactory overall performance against a poor Stevenage side that would have been mullered by the Silkmen team of last season!

9. Malachi Napa was the stand out player for us today by a country mile, and although there were are also creditable performances from Keith and Tyrone (when he came on) there is a flatness / lack of spark about the team that suggests all is not right behind the scenes!

10. If we lose against Lincoln at home next Saturday and then against our relegation rivals Morecambe at the Globe Arena the week after, the writing will surely be on the wall that things have to change if we are to stand any chance of maintaining our football league status!





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