Ten things about Blackpool last night!

  1. We played a heck of a lot better than at Crewe.
  2. Keith Lowe made a huge difference in central defence, although they could have scored a few more if they headed the ball as well as they kicked it!
  3. Malachi Napa & Peter Vincenti had very good games for us.
  4. I was pleased for ‘Bliss’ to get his first goal of the season for us. He’s a good lad!
  5. If Jared Hodgkiss is not injured, why is he not even on the bench? Jared is a class player and natural leader so MOST BIZARRE!
  6. I have not been Michael Rose’s biggest fan this season but all credit to him on a very good performance and his two goals yesterday evening.
  7. We threw a two goal lead away with them equalising from a corner in liteally the last few seconds. It was like Groundhog Day aka Swindon!
  8. According to prize money statistics for the Checkatrade Trophy you get ten grand for a win and five grand for a draw at this stage, so it looks like five grand down the drain for that lack of concentration at the end of the game AGAIN!!
  9. Gosh we are good at penalty shoot-outs and well done to Rhys Taylor who has been excellent every time he has played us for this season IMHO.
  10. How many games will it take for us to get our first win of the season over 90 minutes?


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