A View From The West: Crewe Alexandra (A)

Ryan Cawley reflects on yesterday’s 3-0 defeat to nearby neighbours Crewe Alexandra:

O’Hara – 5.5 – Flapping in no mans land for the second goal but pulled off some saves that presented the score being 6 or 7.

Pearson – 4 – Let their man run and run for the first goal. Not one of his better displays for the club & part of a shambolic back line.

Grimey – 2 – Awful defending for the second goal, completely lost his man. How is he in the side ahead of big Keith?

Kellogg’s – 5 – Missed his header for the third goal but better than Grimes

Fitz – 7 – Only decent player we’ve got at the back. Gave it everything.

Whit – 7 – Played the first half out of position on the left wing. Why does it keep taking until us being 1/2 goals down for half-time to come and players to be put in their proper positions? Orchestrated the attacks from the centre second half.

Maycock – 1 – Being generous with that score. Simple not good enough I’m afraid.

Evans – 7 – MOM – Tried hard, won tackles & kept going.


Callum Evans: Ryan’s Man of the Match at Gresty Road (Photograph courtesy of Chelsie Wilson).

Napa – 7 – Kept getting in the right positions and was a constant threat. Touch let him down / end product wasn’t there.

Smith – 5 – Poor display from Harry. Couldn’t hold it up and gave it away too many times. Lacked service.

Ponticella – 6 – Looked fairly decent for the first 35 mins he played but after being subbed off with what looked a heavy injury it’s likely we won’t see him for a while now. Another striker on the books when midfield is clearly the problem area / where we lack numbers.


Blissett – 6.5 – Tried hard, lots of running and won headers. Just wouldn’t happen for him and Smith up front

Welch-Hayes – 5.5 – Didn’t get involved much but did provide natural width and ensured Danny could be brought back into the middle. Young lad is a prospect but the step up from two leagues below is a bridge too far at the moment.


Yates – 0 – Terrible tactics, Whitaker being played out of position and how Keith Lowe isn’t brought in for Grimes to sure up a defence that’s now leaked 20 goals in 9 league and cup games is mind boggling to most of the Macc faithful. Signing our 6th striker to an already imbalanced squad is ridiculous. Up front we have no problem. We simply have no midfielders (are short 2/3) and the defensive unit are all over the place. Was Sunday League (at best) defending for all 3 goals. We look unorganised, unfit and unsure of what 3 or 4 different systems the manager decides to use during games. Totally lost any faith.

Howarth – Time for Neil and Danny to take the reins under a new club hierarchy.


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