Ten things about yesterday’s home game with Grimsby!

  1. It didn’t feel like our first home game back in the Football League.
  2. The atmosphere was pretty flat which was not helped by a very poor performance.
  3. I couldn’t believe that there was no mascots today on our irst home game back in the Football league!
  4. Grimsby should have been two or three goals up by half time.
  5. The midfield was awful today with the exception of Danny Whitaker.
  6. Keith Lowe and Ryan Lloyd MUST start on Tuesday night!
  7. Where the heck is Callum Evans?
  8. At least the the Canadian goose gave a good account of itself!
  9. It already looks like it’s going to be a long hard season but I sincerely hope that hope I’m wrong!
  10. The McIlroy Suite was dead after the game and why are the players and management allegedly not having their post-match meals in there anymore?



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