View From The Other Side: Grimsby Town

Please find below the views of Grimsby Town fan Rob Sedgwick.

Introduce Yourself

My name is Rob Sedgwick. I have been supporting Grimsby Town for over 40 years and have been running the Web Site the Fishy for getting on for two decades. I produced a book called To Hell And Back over the summer about Grimsby’s last season.

What do you think of your team this season?

It’s obviously early days yet but generally we’re “bedding in” until the clocks change in October, by which time we’re desperate for the transfer window to open.

What are your thoughts for this season ahead?

For once I am genuinely optimistic about the season ahead. We finished the season very strongly, got rid of most of the dead wood, and appeared to have recruited sensibly over the summer. We’ve switched from a manger on the way down to one on the way up.

Who should we look out for today and why?

JJ Hooper was hopeless for most of last season. But Michael Jolley managed to get him playing and he ended with a hat trick in the final game, scoring goal of the season with the third goal in a 3-0 win.  It summed up the transformation under Michael Jolley.

If there is one thing at your club you could change, what would that be?

A lot of Grimsby fans would like to see a new owner, but I think the one thing we really need is a new ground and all the extra revenue that would bring in. When I started watching football in the 1980s Grimsby probably had one of the best 50 grounds in the country; I’m not sure it’s even the top 100 now.

What is the mood like amongst the fans?

I think we’re still pinching ourselves what happened last year. We looked certain to go down and ended 18th after an amazing late charge. Only time will tell how things pan out Michael Jolley  long-term but for now he’s practically a messiah!

Have you been to Macclesfield before, if so what are your memories (Good and Bad)

Yes, I have been. It’s a small ground but there’s always some good banter between the two sets of fans. No doubt you guys will all be buzzing after your own relaxing summer. I expect it will be a good atmosphere, the Grimsby away games are often amazing and I bet you won’t get many nosier sets of visiting supporters!

And finally, what is your score prediction for today’s game.

Grimsby to win 2-0.

I would like to thank Rob for taking his time out and doing this Interview. All the best for the rest of the season.

Star Lane End 

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