Paddysboyz Posers: the result!!

A few weeks ago, Paddysboyz set you 10 questions to answer in order to win a free ticket for our first home match back in League 2 against The Mariners of Grimsby Town. Well here are the questions again with the correct answers in bold:

1. On what day did Solomon Grundy marry?

(a) Monday (b) Tuesday

(c) Wednesday (d) Thursday

2. What city has the World’s largest mosque?

(a) Islamabad (b) Medina

(c) Mecca (d) Jerusalem

3. What was Elvis Presley’s middle name?

(a) Alvin (b) Aaron

(c) Arvin (d) Alan

4. Wayne Rooney scored his first international goal against whom?

(a) Morocco (b) Albania

(c) Slovakia (d) Macedonia

5. What type of meat is used to make Osso bucco?

(a) Veal (b) Beef

(c) Chicken (d) Lamb

6. Ganymede and Io are moons of what planet?

(a) Mars (b) Jupiter

(c) Saturn (d) Venus

7. On a Monopoly board what colour is the Strand?

(a) Blue (b) Orange

(c) Red (d) Brown

8. How many international time zones are there in the World?

(a) 20 (b) 22

(c) 24 (d) 26

9. What country first introduced vehicle registration plates?

(a) Germany (b) France

(c) England (d) Italy

10. In which Welsh town was legendary Silkmen heart throb Darren Tinson born?

(a) Prestatyn (b) Llandudno

(c) Bangor (d) Connah’s Quay

Thank you so much for everyone that took part and we can reveal that there were four people who got all the answers correct, and these were Alan Brough, Peter Williams, Lee Goodwin and John Souness.

As a consequence, the four names were put in a hat which the eagle eyed amongst you may see is a Silkmen pork pie hat from the FA Trophy final at Wembley in 1996!!


The four contestants hoping for a free Grimsby Town ticket


The names are in the hat, who is going to win?

Mrs PB was asked to pull out the winning name. We are delighted to reveal that the winner of the first quiz is PETER WILLIAMS.


Congratulations Peter Williams!

We will soon be in contact with Peter with regards to how he can collect his prize. Thanks very much to all who took part.


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