Oh Danny Boy!

Daniel (Danny) Philip Whitaker is a 37 year old phenomenon who has played over 400 games for the Silkmen. In the view of yours truly, Danny clearly appears to replicate the principal character in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the romantic fantasy drama starring Brad Pitt. Just like the amazing Benjamin Button, Danny incredibly appears to get younger (and fitter) the older he gets!

As some of you know, a few of us have been involved in planning a number of events for a testimonial season for this immensely likeable Silkmen legend who is adored and respected by Silkmen fans young and old. We desperately need your help in maximising the financial benefit for Danny who has proven to be a hugely influential character in the history of our beloved Silkmen, and would be most grateful for any suggestions that you have that could help swell the coffers for the one and only Danny Whitaker.

Danny Whitaker CW

Danny in action during our amazing 2017/2018 season! (Image courtesy of Chelsie Wilson)

The organising committee have already come up with a number of ideas (details to follow) but would be most grateful for any suggestions that could help to maximise the income for one of the most popular Silkmen players ever to wear the blue and white of our footballing heroes. If you can help or have any ideas or can help in any way then please feel free to use the Star Lane End (SLE) Facebook, the SLE forum or contact PB at the following email address which is Gmacworth@aol.com

Thank you in anticipation of your support in this matter.





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