Our neighbours from Greater Manchester!!

Tomorrow evening, we face National League North Altrincham FC in a pre-season  (ahem) ‘friendly’as Mark Yates prepares his Silkmen side and looks over trialists with the League 2 campaign kicking off 2 weeks next Saturday. Please take a look at the comments below and decide for yourself if they are indeed fact or fiction!!


What did the Alty fan get on his IQ test?


Why do Alty fans have big nostrils?

Because they have big fingers

What’s the difference between Moss Lane; the home of Alty and the legendary Stonehenge?

One is a simple ancient structure that defies any attempts to define its purpose, whilst the other is a popular attraction loved by Druids and the general public alike!!

How do you surprise an Alty fan when they are having a drink?

Slam the toilet seat on their head!!

What do you say to an Alty fan at the pinnacle of his career?

Big Mac and fries please mate.’

How can you tell it’s an Alty fan looking through the keyhole?

You can see both of his eyes!!

What is the difference between an female Alty fan and a pit bull terrier?


Two men are walking through a cemetery in Altrincham when they see a tombstone that reads: “Here lies Herbert Wilkinson, a good man and a true fan of the Robins”.

One of them says to the other “Flaming hell mate!! When did they start putting more than one person in the same grave?”

What do you say to an Alty fan with a good looking girl on his arm?

Nice tattoo mate.”

How many Alty fans does it take to change a light-bulb?

Both of them.




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