We Must Keep This Incredible Team Intact

Now that the celebrations are over, everyone’s thoughts turn to masterminding our assault on League Two.

For many clubs this is the busiest part of the season, as they try to tie down their players before the vultures arrive looking to prize away their greatest assets.

Clearly, this has added significance for The Silkmen – not only due to the fact that an EFL return is only a matter of weeks away, but the manner of our inspirational title winning campaign will render our heroes as much sought after acquisitions by clubs far and wide.

What we can’t do of course is let that happen.


This amazing squad must kept intact (Pic courtesy of Chelsie Wilson)

Speaking to the players over the past few weeks, it is clear to me that everyone wants this epic fairytale to continue and there is no reason why promotion to League Two should be the concluding chapter.

With Sir John at the helm, who is to say how far this team can go and one thing is for certain – the unity between the players and the fans must not be allowed to disintegrate in the midst of the summer months.

We may not have the riches of some clubs, but what we do have is something infinitely more than that – we have and have shown, that together anything is possible.

So let us show our support to our gallant warriors and hope that all those who did so much to turn our collective dream into reality sign on the dotted line in the coming weeks.

With only Jared Hodgkiss, Elliott Durrell and Ryan Lloyd under contract for the new season, Sir John certainly has his work cut out to keep this unbelievable side together – yet history tells us that if anyone can mastermind the impossible, then John can.

This really doesn’t have to be the end – everyone is still unwavering in their support of every single one of our lads and although Sir John will no doubt be looking to strengthen, the bulk of this great side must be signed up quickly in order to send a real injection of belief to everyone at the club that this epic story is far from over.


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