Man Of The Match : Woking (A)

Although our Chester Man of the Match poll is well underway, we do need to unveil the winner of the Woking award.

In a match which will be etched in our hearts forevermore, six of the starting eleven received nominations – which in itself tells it’s own story.

George Pilkington and Danny Whitaker both received 4.35% of the total votes cast, whilst Nathan Blissett and Danny Whitehead secured 8.7%.

Left back David Fitzpatrick finished runner up with 13.04%, but the runaway winner was Tyrone Marsh who claimed a mammoth 60.86%

Marsh Woking 2

Tyrone Marsh : Our Woking Man of the Match (Pic courtesy of Chelsie Wilson)

Tyrone produced a fabulous performance on the right and this was topped off with an unbelievable strike to put Sir John’s side 2 – 1 up.

He then provided the greatest assist of all time as Danny Whitehead dramatically fired home the injury time winner and is fully deserving of the accolade.

The updated standings for the inaugural SLE Player of the Year Award are as follows –

Ryan Lloyd 5

Keith Lowe 4.5

Elliott Durrell 4

Scott Wilson 4

Mitch Hancox 3

Shwan Jalal 3 

Danny Whitaker 3

Danny Whitehead 3

Koby Arthur 2 

Kieran Kennedy 2

Tyrone Marsh 2 

George Pilkington 1.5

Nathan Blissett 1

Billy O’Brien 1

David Fitzpatrick 1

Callum Evans 1 

Jared Hodgkiss 1 

Gime Toure 1

Josh Wright 1



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