Photo Gallery: Spectacular Silkmen Stun Stevenage

Silkmen fans of a certain vintage will recall that last Friday’s victory against Woking shared many similarities with one of the greatest moments in our history back in 1997.

Sammy McIlroy’s side headed down to promotion rivals Stevenage on Easter Saturday and secured a stunning victory to give us one foot in the Football League that day.

Both games resulted in 3 – 2 victories, both saw a last gasp winner from midfielders and both games saw Sir John dismissed.

But more than all that, both ties left the Silkmen fans believing that promotion was possible, ready to give their all to make sure that the dream turned into reality.

Courtesy of Silkmen Archives and John Rooney, here are some images from that unbelievable day in Hertfordshire –

img_6855img_6856img_6857img_6863img_6865img_6862img_6860img_6856img_6858img_6855img_6859img_6868img_6857img_6861img_6864Stevenage 1img_6867img_6866

Our thanks go to Geoff Knights for providing us with these incredible images which elicit so many cherished memories.



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