Savour The Moment

Having just returned home from yet another breath taking victory, Monday can’t come quick enough.

This team is writing the most epic fairy tale ever told and these are the days which so many of us will cherish until our time on this planet comes to an end.

It’s not just about last minute winners, it’s not just about defying all the odds – it’s about the rock solid unity we all share which makes every one of us part of the story.

For me that means everything and as I cheered our heroes off this afternoon, I am not ashamed to say that tears were shed.


“This team is writing the most epic fairy tale ever told” (Pic courtesy of Chelsie Wilson)

Despite the fact that we are all fighting with everything we have to reach the finish line, it is imperative that we don’t go looking for tomorrow leaving yesterday behind.

Let’s enjoy this remarkable day and reflect on the miracles which our heroes have performed throughout the season so far, before we get ready to join together in battle once more on Monday afternoon.

Savour the moment – I will guarantee that nothing will eclipse the journey we are on now for as long as we shall live.

Seasons pass and time will move on – but nobody will be able to take what we feel now away from us.

In years to come we will look back to a time when “we” were “us” so let’s appreciate all we have now as we write history standing side by side.




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