Silkmen Legends: Andy Worth Answers Your Questions

We recently asked our forum users to put their questions to the Legend that is Andy Worth, and we have finally managed to track him down to put them to him!

Here is what he said –

One question I have often thought over the year is considering Andy does a great deal for the club, does he ever think that he would just like to watch the games as most of us do? (True Blue).

Sometimes I have felt that way yes, but what I do really helps the club and what I have really found is that as the years have gone by, it really has become a part of me and who I am.

I always remember the one and only Dave Westbury once talking to me, saying that I have a unique style as a fan and so by doing all I do, I hope that people can see that I am just a fan who is part of the club – just like we all are.

Hopefully I show a bit of passion for the club I love, even though some of the work I do is in an official capacity.

I do miss being on the terraces at times, but I also do get a lot of benefit when we go away where I have more licence to be who I want to be.

So I really enjoy the opportunity to support my club at home and also to be a fan making some noise away”.

Andy Worth




Andy helps out at a maintenance day held by the club.

Andy, I know you have travelled the length and breadth of the country supporting the Silkmen, but what is the best away ground you have visited (excluding Wembley) and why? (crazyjoe)

It has to be Kettering.

It wasn’t so much because of the ground which was pleasant enough, but it was the fact that on that special day back in 1997 we gained promotion to the Football League.

The day is forever etched on my memory, as are the recollections of all those that were there with us.

I can remember every aspect of that day, and when I watch the videos back today the memories are still very clear.

I remember young Sean, who was only a kid at the time being part of that very special moment.

If I had to pick grounds which don’t have that emotional attachment, then I would probably pick Nene Park which was the home of Rushden and Diamonds.

I remember going to that ground and just thinking “wow” and that it was a ground that I would love to have for The Silkmen because it really did have everything.

It had a real supporter feel to it, with awesome facilities.

The other one, if I could choose a second would be Burton’s Pirelli Stadium.

I think that they have a cracking little ground and I like the way that they have tried to maintain some authenticity with standing areas, as well as representing a clean, modern Championship stadium.

Andy Worth.


Kettering SA

3rd May 1997 – A day we will never forget (Pic courtesy if Silkmen Archives).

Andy would it be possible to restart the famous dance routine that we had about ten years ago, perhaps with Big Jim and Julian performing alongside you? (bolli27)

If I was going to do it then it would have to be for a really good cause, and would definitely be a one off.

I would do it with Big Jim and possibly Roary, where we could have a bit of fun as part of a fundraiser – either for a charity or for something like Danny Whitaker’s Testimonial Fund.

So if we get a decent side at home in the Third Round of the FA Cup for example, then I would not be adverse to doing it again – but there would certainly have to be a cause attached to it.

Andy Worth.


What’s Andy’s day job? (silkmen_away).

I am a Team Manager for a Learning Disability Community Health Team and a Nurse by background.

This is a multi-disciplinary team, that helps to improve the health and wellbeing of people with learning disabilities within the local community.

Andy Worth.


Does Andy follow any other teams as well as Macc e.g. Premier League teams? (tythysilk).

Not really, Macc have always been my number one team.

I suppose that I have a bit of a soft spot for Manchester United, as when my Dad was a youngster he used to follow them in the 50’s and 60’s.

I also have a soft spot for Newcastle, as they are Sean’s second side so I always look out for their results too.

But I would not call myself a fan, more that I like to see both sides doing well.

Andy Worth.



It was an unhappy night in the Worth household the day arch-rivals Sunderland sent the Toon Army down!

Back in the day (around 2008 I think), Andy recorded a version of a Barry White classic which was played at a recent home game. Would it be possible to post the tune on here as I seem to recall it being very entertaining? (bf1977).

I do remember the song, I can remember that the idea came from a guy who followed teams around the country called “The Gloryhunter”.

Basicially he followed a team until they lost, and when they did he would follow the team who beat them – until they lost.

Anyway, he met up with me and then before we were due to play Rotherham away he got me into a local recording studio which had previously been used by the likes of The Happy Monday’s.

He got me to record a rendition of the Barry White classic “You’re my first, my last, my everything”, and it was fun!

I don’t have a problem with it being put on the SLE site if people want to have a bit of a laugh!

I am not sure that I would call it entertaining though – my Mrs hates it!

Andy Worth.


Why do you and your son always chant Dover Dover!! When that very nice Mr Keith M T Wilson walks past you? (Silkmax).

Simple answer to this, and that is the fact that you wouldn’t put Keith in the same room as the Dover Manager Chris Kinnear as they look like they could be identical twins!

Their similarities are uncanny, hence the chant which Mr Wilson always takes in good humour and even his lovely wife Nicky has said “By God you are right Andy!”

Andy Worth.


Andy, who has been your all-time favourite player that has worn a Silkmen shirt? (Lawton-Blue)

It has to be John Askey.

We have had many great players over the years – Steve Burr is still one of my all time favourites for example.

But for not only the amount of appearances he made, but also in terms of how he wore the shirt with style –  I have to go with Sir John.

He was also a very good footballer, and if he had had a bit more pace then he would have surely played at a higher level.

But to give you my top three Macc players, I would say John Askey, followed by Steve Burr and Jon Parkin.

Andy Worth.


John Askey KW

Sir John (Pic courtesy of Keith Wilson – Dover Athletic Manager).

Andy, what is your favourite chant to get going at an away game and how is it you manage to chant so loud ? (Mtfcelliot).

There are a few entertaining ones, but I would probably say the one which starts “I saw my mate, the other day” which pays tribute to John Askey.

I must admit that one of the most entertaining ones of recent years came at Chester a few weeks back, when a great chant revolving around Halls came out.

The Keith Alexander and Richard Butcher songs were incredibly poignant, and sent a shiver down my spine every time we sung them, as they were done with so much emotion.

How do I manage to sound so loud?

Well I have been blessed with a big powerful voice, and historically when I use it then it encourages other people to join in to support the team.

It has not always been that great in the Star Lane End as we know, but particularly away from home when we get all the singers together, then I think that we make a tremendous noise considering the numbers we have.

Andy Worth.


Why do you feel the need to write ‘kind regards’ at the end of every single forum post? (The_Boss)

When I was a child my parents were pretty soft, but the one thing that they insisted on was the importance of good manners and politeness.

So if I ever wrote anything, then I always expect to sign it off with a “kind regards”.

I also use that type of response whenever writing emails, or if I am leaving messages in other ways – so it has just become a part of me and I just think that it is about being polite and showing respect to others.

Andy Worth


I would like to ask Andy for his reasons for stepping down from the other board rather than block the offending posters?

Not meant as a negative in the slightest, but just wondered why he didn’t ban those people who were abusive etc (tythysilk).

There was a two pronged reason really.

It was partly due to the fact that when I took over the Wraggs to Riches site it was a case of trying to reinvigorate it. I had seen that it had become a bit of a bore and was aimlessly floating as a message board.

So Sean and I tried to give it the kiss of life with articles and prizes etc.

We tried to moderate it as best we could and we knew that there was a number of different users present – but I go back to what I mentioned before, and that is that I always try to respect the views of others.

Regarding the user who made my mind up that it was time to step down, I just felt that someone was having a bit of a dig and you know what, there are lots of other things which I want to be putting my time into e.g. fundraising for the club.

I had also seen the emergence of the Star Lane End and then later on their forum, and even in the very early days I thought that it came across as a really well crafted and well written fans site that provided people with a incredibly wide range of information.

I am not against keeping Wraggs and do post on there occasionally, as I don’t think that it is a bad thing to have two boards and I like the way both work together.

Andy Worth.

(Ed. Cheque is in the post!) 

Andy 2

We would like to thank Andy for his time in answering the questions put to him so honestly.

His Legends interview will by posted in here over the next few days so keep checking back!






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