Forum Users: Have You Just Won A Meal For Two In The McIlroy Suite?

As you all know, I was pretty dubious about adding a message board to this site and I took a lot of convincing before I finally gave in.

Since it was added just a few weeks ago, the reaction has been great and a couple of isolated incidents aside, has been really beneficial in a way I previously had doubted.

To thank those of you who have posted on it, I decided to put up a little prize for the user who posted the 1,000th comment.

Clearly I was not going to broadcast this, as then it could be doctored by someone who knew what I had planned!


suite meals mtfc

More prizes coming throughout the season.


I did not expect this to be claimed in such a short space of time, but this afternoon the 1,000th post went live.

This was made by bf1977 on the Dover Attendance Competition thread and as such I am pleased to be able to offer a three course meal in the McIlroy Suite for a home game of their choice courtesy of SLE.

There will be more spot prizes like this over the course of the season (including one which is not far away at all), so keep your eyes peeled!

To the lucky winner – if you could email me with your match choice, then we can sort out claiming your prize!




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