Chairman Mark Blower Speaks To SLE

Following a few supporter posts on our forum, Macclesfield Town Chairman Mark Blower contacted us to discuss some of the concerns raised, and to reassure fans that there really are no secrets.

Mark began by discussing his role at the club –

I give my time free of charge, which usually amounts to around 20/25 hours a week, often at the expense of doing things with my family.

Indeed negotiating the best player deals that I could for the Club this summer ate into at least ten days of my family holiday”.

Mark Blower. MTFC Chairman

The Chairman then responded to claims that he is employed as the Owner’s “yes man”

I’m not employed by Amar and I am not ‘his man’.

I make every decision in the best short, medium or long term interest of the Club, depending on the situation.

I don’t claim expenses for travelling to games, indeed over the last 12 months I have lent the club a substantial five figure sum to make sure people were paid on time”.

Mark Blower. MTFC Chairman.


Askey Blower MTFC

Mark and Sir John before this year’s FA Trophy Final (Pic courtesy of Peter Hilton).

We then asked Mark why he puts so much in to the club with no obvious reward?

I do it because I love the Club and the people at the Club. It is as simple as that.

I have a busy ‘day job’, and so it would be easy to spend my spare time in other ways”.

Mark Blower. MTFC Chairman.

In light of the above, we then asked the Chairman deals with the criticism he faces at times?

“I acknowledge that by being in this position it opens me up for criticism and that’s fine but when it’s unjustified and inaccurate it’s a bit unfair.

I’ll happily show you where the Club was financially 4 years ago before I got involved and where it is now.

Finally, it hurts me as much as John, Steve, the players and the fans alike after results like Sutton and Gateshead, but everyone will be doing their best to get back to winning ways.” 

Mark Blower. MTFC Chairman

We would like to thank Mark for taking the time to respond to the questions raised on our forum in such an honest and open manner, as well as offering fans the opportunity to speak with him about any aspect of his time as Chairman, either one on one or as a group meeting.



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