Friday Flashback: Stevie Burr Thanks The Fans After His Move To Hednesford

After scoring well over 150 goals for The Silkmen, the legend that is Stevie Burr finally ended his six year stint in a blue shirt in 1991 when Hednesford Town secured his services.

Steve actually had two spells with the Staffordshire outfit, and during the second of these he returned to the Moss Rose to face his old side in the county cup quarter final – and he predictably hit the back of the net like he had so many times before.

After the match, Steve wrote a letter to the fans of Macclesfield Town and thanks to Phil Gibbons we are happy to share that with you today.

The edge is very slightly folded towards the bottom but you are able to decipher the missing letter or two – I was too scared to pull it out of the photograph album!



The words of a true legend – Stevie Burr writes to the Macc fans in March 1995.

Once a legend, forever a legend.

There is only one Stevie Burr!!

(Featured pic courtesy of Keith Wilson).



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