Kieran Kennedy: Time To Forgive And Forget

With the opening duals of the season complete, many of the players who have gained the early plaudits have been defenders. David Fitzpatrick, George Pilkington and Keith Lowe in particular have been praised for their early season form, yet one person hasn’t really, despite some decent performances and that is Kieran Kennedy.

The only reason which may explain this is that people made an assessment of him when he had an absolute shocker in pre-season against local rivals Stockport County and this has stuck.

Yes the County match was awful, you probably don’t get much worse than that second half – but it was a friendly!


Kieran Kennedy CW

Kieran in action against Sutton last night (Pic courtesy of Chelsie Wilson).


Since then, Kieran has put in some fine performances both in pre-season (against Crewe he put in an unbelievable shift) and also since the season has started in earnest.

Against Bromley he marshalled the defence admirably, and part of the reason that the match proved to be so mundane was that he was rock solid in the centre of defence.

Last night he looked solid, and dealt with the majority of aerial thumps into the box well and when you consider how many there was then that was now mean feat!

It is time to forgive and forget the County game (not that it mattered anyway), and give Kieran the credit he deserves.

(Featured image courtesy of Chelsie Wilson)



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