Don’t Panic – It Is Only One Defeat!

We were poor yesterday, and in the second half we were very poor and if you had asked me at around ten o’clock last night then I would have probably used a few expletives in there too!

But you know what, it is only one game.

Sure, when you are leading in the latter stages of the game, you think to yourself that if we could just hold on then the three points will be ours.

The truth of the matter is that Sutton battered us last night – particularly in the second half where the away following were thankful for a throw in or a corner to relieve some of the pressure for a minute or two.

Yet, the fact is that we were beat 2 – 1 and we now have to move on.



Needed back: Elliott Durrell poses our most threatening offensive threat (Pic courtesy of Chelsie Wilson).


Last night does not take anything away from the Wrexham victory, or the decent performance against Hartlepool and if we had won 5 – 0 last night then we still were not really odds on to win the league at a canter.

It is one match. Three points. That is it.

We should  learn from the mistakes of last night and travel up to Gateshead eager to put them right.

If we do that then last night will prove to be a mere hiccup in an otherwise decent start to the season.



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