A View From The West(bury): Sutton (A)

Last week we started a new feature where Ryan Cawley gives us his ratings on the Silkmen players, but for the Sutton match we have a guest filling in – none other than the legend that is Mr David Westbury, so here we go –

OK, be gentle, it’s the first time I’ve done this!

Billy O’Brien (9) (MOTM) : As close as you can get to a perfect performance. He pretty much dealt with everything thrown at him and couldn’t be blamed for either of the late goals. One of the few players who deserves to feel miffed at the result.
David Fitzpatrick (7) : Usual consistent-self; constantly clearing up wave after wave of Sutton attack



David Fitzpatrick: Usual consistent self last night (Pic courtesy of Chelsie Wilson).

Keith Lowe (7) : Same as Fitz. Getting to be Mr Dependable. Will have a sore head this morning after the barrage of crosses he cleared
Scott Burgess (4) : Mr Anonymous
Courtney Richards (2) : Who? The fact he was substituted after 87 minutes and most of us were saying we’d not noticed he’d be on the pitch says it all. Captain? More like Captain Pugwash!
Noe Baba (5) : Ineffective but hard to be too critical as he was playing out of position for most of the game – showing how paper thin the squad is already this season
Kieran Kennedy (4) : Another ineffective performance from someone who promised so much pre-season but hasn’t yet delivered
Mitch Hancox (6) : Occasional glimpses of what he’s capable of but could have played a far bigger part in the 2nd half relieving pressure off the beleaguered defence
Gime Toure (4) : Looked a lazy performance to me. A couple of chances that were either straight at the keeper or off target. Other than that, nowt!
Scott Wilson (7) : Took his goal well and had a couple of other decent efforts. Looked a threat whenever he got the ball (which was pretty much never in the 2nd half!)


Wilson Sutton Dave W

Scott Wilson celebrates his second minute strike (Pic courtesy of David Westbury).

Koby Arthur (3) : This guy needs to pull his finger out quickly if he’s not going to gain a reputation as another one of those flare players who shows his skill so infrequently, he’s nothing more than a luxury. Looked like an unpolished jewel in a turd last night!
Ryan Lloyd (6) : Solid when he came on and, initially, did help to take some of the pressure off the defence.
John Askey (6) : OK, his options are limited with a thread-bare squad but why did it take 87 minutes for Whitaker to come on? And Richards as captain? Hope that doesn’t happen again?



One thought on “A View From The West(bury): Sutton (A)

  1. Not a bad review for a novice … but can’t agree with Gime’s 4. Thought the lad added something in his height and leg reach – some lovely touches if a tad one footed. He gott little service after the first half hour when I thought he always looked threatening. Second half he ran his socks off chasing a very different Sutton side. No waiting around for the long ball for him. I think he paid the price by the end – I recall the comment 6’6″ jumping to 6’4″. A six from me – all others spot on – especially Captain Invisible’s generous 2.

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