Trust Board Election Nominations To Close This Saturday.

The Silkmen Supporters Trust are on the lookout for new board members ahead of their forthcoming election.

For the full details, let me pass you over to David Wooliscroft, SST Secretary –

The rules of the Society (known as the Trust) require that one third of board positions are open for election each year and that current members of the Board stand down in turn. Members are entitled to stand in the election and the rules governing the election can be obtained from the Secretary, David Woolliscroft, who is contactable via , or from our website  As election results are announced at the Society AGM, and since the year end has been changed to the end of June, the election for 2017 has been delayed so that the election results and AGM are coordinated.

The current Board is made up of ten members as follows:

Steve Mundy (Chairman) elected 2015
Myra Clark (Treasurer) elected 2015
Andrew Mellor (disability liaison) elected 2016
Marie Grundy elected 2016
Chrissie Thompson elected 2016
Bernie Rickman (Membership) Co-opted 2016
*David Woolliscroft (Secretary) elected 2014
*John Abbott elected 2014
*George Williams (Communications and Vice Chair) elected 2014
*Jon Smart elected 2014
David Woolliscroft, John Abbott, George Williams and Jon Smart (identified with an asterisk), have each completed a three year term of office: they are eligible to seek re-election.

Therefore, as the Board may have up to 12 members, there are up to 7 vacancies to be filled by election.




Board members’ duties include attending monthly meeting meetings and also additional work in supporting the following objectives
•           To work with the Club to improve the matchday experience for supporters
•           To provide a communication bridge between the supporters and the Club
•           To be a channel for the Club to communicate to supporters
•           To recruit as many members as possible so as to be truly representative of the fan base
•           To identify supporters’ issues, assess them and, where appropriate, try and resolve them with the Club
•           To encourage the raising of funds that are used for the benefit of supporters, the community and the Club
•           To encourage supporter lead projects and, where appropriate, support them via financial, administrative and media methods
•           To seek permanent SST representation in the governance structure of the Club
We hope you will consider seeking election to your Trust board. Nomination forms (available from , or from the address below) must be returned, together with candidate statements, to either

  • The Silkmen Supporters’ Society Ltd, c/o SAS Daniels, Churchill Chambers, Churchill Way, Macclesfield SK11 6AY or
  • Any current Board member or
  • Electronically to

by 19 August 2017 to be considered.
Should you require more information about the duties of Board members, please feel to e-mail


David Woolliscroft



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