SLE Exclusive: Listen To The New Macc Town Anthem By Rose Amongst Thorns

As reported last week, local band Rose Amongst Thorns have produced a song which is to be used as Macc Town’s new walk out anthem for the new season.

The band have utilised the voices of numerous fans, in addition to their own far superior dulcet tones to produce the record which we think is a pretty decent effort.

Andy “Barry White” Worth, John “Bon Jovi” Souness and Sean ” Kingston” Worth provided the backing vocals to the song, and I caught up with band member Brin Ladd to get the lowdown on it –

We are a six piece function band from Buxton with three of us being lifelong Macc fans.

We have played at the Player of the Year award night a few times, and I was talking to Andy Worth about whether or not there was anything we could do for the club”

Brin Ladd. Rose Amongst Thorns.


Rose Amongst Thorns

Rose Amongst Thorns.


We came up with the idea of recording a song to be played before kick off – Andy had the idea of “Ay up we’re the Macc lads” but some of the lyrics are not that suitable for a family event!

So, Pete Williamson (singer) and I got together and came up with some lyrics and then we got a few fans to come in to do backing vocals for us.

That is how it all came together and we really hope that people like it.

It is a bit of fun that we hope will go down with the fans”

Brin Ladd. Rose Amongst Thorns.

So without further a do – here is it is in it’s full glory.







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