We Stand Together As New Season Gets Underway

So here we are – at the start of a brand new season, with a new look team and some great additions behind the scenes also.

It may just be the ale talking, but I really believe that this will be the best season in years at the club.

We have the team which, with one or two areas strengthened, can really make an impression at the upper echelons of the table.

Ok we don’t have the budget to bring Neymar in, and people keep reminding us of the old claim that we have the lowest budget in the league. But do you know what – I really don’t care.




Monetary backing does not guarantee success, and a lack of it certainly does not make failure inevitable.

What is infinitely more important is passion, desire and a will to win which far exceeds those who may well have a healthier bank balance.

Let us celebrate our defiance of the odds – just like our fathers and grandfathers did before us, and stand up for the club we all love.

This is what we do best – this is who we are.

So, let us all come together behind Sir John and prove to be the twelfth man for the next nine months, and with a little bit of luck we will get our just rewards come the end of April.

(The awesome featured picture is courtesy of Chelsie Wilson).



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